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Friday, April 7, 2017

Our Teppan 101 experience

Subic has always been a favorite to-go-to place of our family. In fact, it has been a weekly family tradition to visit the area not only due to its proximity to our province, Pampanga, but also because we have relatives staying there that we love to visit.

 SCTEX going to Subic from Lubao, Pampanga

Couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to receive an invitation from Teppan 101 in Subic to visit their place and try out their menu and services. What made it even better is the fact that my parent got to tag along, which is in line with the restaurant's dedication in promoting intimate dining experiences.

Upon entering the restaurant we were greeted with warm smiles from the employees. They guided as to our seats and told us to wait for the chef who will be attending to us. They said that what we were about to see would be the genuine Teppanyaki style of cooking.

Table set up

 Originating from Japan, Teppanyaki means to cook in a flat iron grill. It was my first time to see and try this kind of cooking, so needless to say I was ecstatic and excited about it. Teppanyaki is actually derived from the word Teppan, which means iron plate in Nihongo, and Yako which means grilled. Put them together and what have you got?

A unique Asian-fusion dining experience in the heart of Subic.

While waiting for our Chef, we were served by some of Teppan 101's dishes.

Complimentary Sweet Potato Chips

Tofu Teriyaki

Green and Fruits Salad

Sweet Potato Chips, Tofu Teriyaki and Green & Fruits Salad

Miso Soup

Last name, Hungry. First name, Always. HAHAHA

When the Chef- Chef Myko arrived, he begun our experience with a skillful exhibition wherein he joggled various cooking utensils. Throwing and catching them in the air in an artful manner, it was a good way to build the hype for our dining experience.

An unforgettable experience for mom and dad!

While cooking, the chef cited various trivia regarding the Teppan 101 franchise.  He told us that the name Teppan 101 came from the restaurant’s close ties with Taiwan, where you can find Taipei 101 and the style of cooking which is Teppanyaki. He also said that another reason for the 101 suffix is because they are actually trained to be able to cook in 101 ways.

The chefs in Teppan 101 were trained based on international standards, with head Chef JM Lim receiving his formal education from the Center for Asian Culinary Studies- Subic. He also worked under Chef Mori in Taiwan- well known for his chain of Japanese and Sushi Restaurants. 

Our first main course, Chicken with mixed veggies!

 The first dish that was prepared for us was a chicken dish with mixed vegetables. The flavor was just marvelous, you could taste every spice and ingredient that was used to dressed the chicken. The meat was also very tender and it was made even better by the “sake”, a kind of Japanese liquor, that was used to cook the chicken and to lessen the undesirable odor/taste of the main ingredient.

Tiger prawns, maya maya and squid for our second dish! Now that's more I like it. Lol

The second dish was the Seafood Karekare. Yup, Filipino cuisine with a twist since it was cooked in Teppanyaki's way! Well, you don't get to eat this Kare Kare with a twist everyday so why not, right? Haha! And one more thing, it was actually very timely that this dish was served to us because we were actually on fast in preparation for the Holy Week. It included tiger prawns, maya maya, and squids. The peanut sauce that was used was a taste of luxury.

Located just beside Royal Subic Main and HMR, Teppan 101 is the perfect venue for families, friends and even business executives to dine, lounge and experience Teppanyaki in Subic. 

With three griddles, an executive room and a mezzanine lounge to boot, customers are well-assured premium quality Asian fusion dining.

From appetizers to desserts, I must say that my taste buds were having a delightful feast. I have no words to describe how satisfied I was with the food. To add to that was the excellent service provided by the restaurant’s crew.

Vanilla Ice Cream

Chocolate Cake

After eating we were given a short tour of the restaurant. 

 The VIP Room

These beautiful paintings, though :)

They also have a VIP room that can accommodate up to 10 persons which is designed to guarantee to make every private dining experience intimate and memorable. This is also the perfect place for small meetings.

Teppan 101 is equipped with two Teppanyaki dining areas that can accommodate twenty persons.

The cozy sofas perfect for some chill time with your friends.

Long table from the left wing of the restaurant.
This is also a perfect spot for those who order bento boxes meal since Teppan 101 also caters that kind of meal.

The second floor of the restaurant has its own bar with cozy sofas. There’s huge flat screen that can be used by people who wishes to do some KTV singing.

Their wine rack was fully stacked as well, they had different kinds of wines and huge variety of red and white wines.

Hello from me at the bar section of the restaurant!

For more information, please visit Teppan !01's website at!

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