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Monday, December 1, 2014

Red and Yo

Well hello there you guys! Christmas is just around the corner and here I am wearing a bright red pair of shoes! Haha can you guys feel the Christmas breeze already? Well I do! For today's OOTD I opted to wear this simple pullover and paired it with my jeans and added a pop of red to make my outfit more interesting.

On me: Pullover from Topman l Jeans from Oxygen l Bag from Herschel l Shoes from Nike l Ring from SM Store l Sunnies from Cali store

Yo cap to say hello, December!

Red sunnies I matched with the color of my shoes.

My vintage pullover!

Side details of my cap.

My carryall bag! Favorite bag as well.

The best and favorite ring of mine.

Another favorite- G-Shock watch.

I hope everyone is as colorful as my shoes this December! May this month and also the coming months will be filled with love and happiness!

Photos by: Daniel Dorado
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Friday, November 28, 2014

Run and Quicksilver

I'm back from our short vacation in Singapore! Really had fun in that beautiful country with my beautiful family! Also a good place to take good OOTD's! Hehe anyways, for my outfit post I decided to wear something that is- Me. What is KG Style without a wrap around? Lol added this jacket as a wrap around for my semi sporty outfit I wore when I visited my cousin at their house during his semestrial break! Had so much talking and taking cool pictures with this young man!

On me: Shirt from Under Armour l Jacket from Quicksilver l Jeans from Uniqlo l Cap from Under Armour l Shoes from Nike

One of my favorite gym caps!

Back detail of my cap.

Tinted sunnies that complemented with the color of my Shirt- Sky Blue.

Loving this activity tho, RUN!

Back design (statement) of my shirt.

Stripes jacket I got from Quicksilver!

Say hello to this awesome pair of rubbies from one of my favorite brands when it comes to shoes, Nike!

Photos by: Daniele Dorado

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Brown and 574

What's up you guys! Here's a a very very quick outfit post before we (me and my family) leave the country again for the weekend, Wore this brown sweatshirt and paired it with my trusty jeans and added a wrap around to make my look more interesting.

On me: Sweatshirt from Basic Edition l Jeans from Oxygen l Shoes from New Balance l Wrap around from Aeropostale l Cap from Obey l Sunglasses from Ray Ban

Hello hello from this very light-weight sweatshirt I have!

A pop of camo. Camo rubber watch from my sister.

Sorry not sorry but my love for wrap around will never end. Lol

Finished off my look with my brown New Balance which complemented with the color of my sweaties.

Photos by: Vanessa Gonzales
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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sporty and Casual

Sporty and casual are two different things but if you put them together they will surely give you an awesome look. Actually, I was having second thought if I should post this look because I look really fat in my whole body picture (insert a crying emoji here). Anyways, you are reading this right now and that means I decided to post it instead of putting it in trash. Lol wore my white shirt with a hint of black and paired it with my gray men's jeggings. Also added some elements of "sporty" to make everything look very light but still "casual" with my shirt and my boots.

On me: Shirt from Penshoppe l Jeans from Oxygen l Wrap around from Basic Edition l Boots from Dr. Marten's l Sunglasses from Ray Ban l Cap from Under Armour l Watch from G-Shock

My favorite brand when it comes to sports now, Under Armour!

This black and white shirt is a must in every guy's closet. Wear it in the office or in the park, it won't fail you.

Armband which added a hint of sporty to this casual polo shirt.

Wore nothing but this and my sunglasses for my accessories for the day.

Hey wrap around, it's been a while. Lol

Who said you can't go biking when you wear boots from Dr. Marten's? Lol

Photos by: Litzwill Salenga

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Dyed and Gangstah

Quick outfit experiment wearing an old shirt I got as a "pasalubong" (present) from my brother when they went to Davao for a short vacation. This shirt was just hanging in my closet for years now and good thing I had the chance to wear it for a movie date with my cousins. Was really inspired by the eighties people who wear this kind of dyed shirts. Also wore my favorite rings to add an extra impact to my look. Tell me your thoughts, x

On me: Shirt from Davao l Jeans from Oxygen l Shoes from Dr. Marten's l Sunglasses from Straight Forward l Cap from Bench l Bracelets from Pandora, Thomas Sabo, Japan and Specimen

Bamboo sunglasses from an online shop here in the Philippines- Straight Forward.

Say hello to my three year old ring!

Dyed shirt I got as a pasalubong from my brother in law way back in 2009! Finally able to wear it now. Hehe

Yes, I am officially an arm candy sucker and these pieces are my favos!

Finished off my look with my black oldy Dr. Marten's! They will forever be my favorite shoes. x

Photos by: Daniele Dorado
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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Floral and Navy

Who said flowers are only in trend during Summer? Floral prints are for all seasons now and you could see people in the street or in the corporate world wearing the said print. Either for the guys or girls this print is the bomb. If you could still remember, I posted some looks of me wearing floral prints last year and roughly two years ago. This time, I decided to keep it minimal by wearing a cap with floral print. Also wore my navy blue shirt and paired it with my grey jeans. I am now ready for a bike ride in the park. Tell me your thoughts about my look.

On me: Shirt from Oxygen l Jeans from Oxygen l Cap from Oxygen l Shoes from New Balance l Watch from Cotton On l Bracelets from Pandora, Thomas Sabo and Japan

Simple navy blue polo shirt for a sunny afternoon in the park. Fashion and comfort at its best.

All star arm party for men! Classic and simple in one.

Floral print cap from my favorite local brand- Oxygen.

What is the best shoes for a walk and bike ride in the park? New Balance 574 are on top of my list! Light weight but incredibly trendy shoes to wear! Did I also forget to say Fashion and comfort in one? Hehe x

Photos by: Litzwill Salenga
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