Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Travel Photo Diary: NYC Fashion Walk

The Garment District, also known as the Garment Center, the Fashion District, or the Fashion Center, is a neighborhood located in the Manhattan borough of New York City. The dense concentration of fashion-related uses give the neighborhood –
which is generally considered to lie between Fifth Avenue and Ninth Avenue, from 34th to 42nd Street – its name. The Garment District has been known since the early 20th century as the center for fashionmanufacturing and fashion design in the United States, and even the world.

Less than one square mile in area, the neighborhood is home to the majority of New York’s showrooms and to numerous major fashion labels, and caters to all aspects of the fashion process–from design and production to wholesaleselling. No other city has a comparable concentration of fashion businesses and talent in a single district

New York City is arguably the fashion capital of the United States and the entire world because the industry based there generates over $14 billion in annual sales and sets design trends which are mirrored worldwide.[citation needed]The core of the industry is Manhattan's Garment District, where the majority of the city's major fashion labels operate showrooms and execute the fashion process from design and production to wholesaling. No other city has a comparable concentration of fashion businesses and talent in a single district.

Source: Wikipedia

And yes, during my stay in NYC, I was able to pass by the famous Fashion walk of fame. My Auntie brought me there before we head home. I was in awe when I saw some of my favorite Designers! Enjoy the pictures guys!

Btw, I must say that The Garment District is located in the heart of Manhattan.

To see more of the designers, check out this site:


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