Sunday, August 19, 2012

Couber and Letters

I'm back! It's been three weeks since I arrived here from the United States where I had a "little summer vacation" after my Work and Travel Program.

I was able to see all the beautiful places that I can only see on American movies and sometimes on our local movies. America is awesome! From Florida to New York City to New Jersey to Chicago to California and Las Vegas! Was able to see all the fashion statements that each state has. From the Swagger in Florida, the Hippy side of New Jersey, the Elite corporates of  NYC, the Urban country of Chicago, the Chill feel of California and the Wild style of Las Vegas. And now, I am here again, the Philippines. The country that is always sunny but people can still pull off their awesome style when it comes to fashion.

Everybody knows that I love Fashion. I love it since I was eleven. That's why last January of 2012, I decided to join It took me ages to decide if I will join this fashion site. Before, I will just visit this site to get some ideas on what will I wear whenever I have to attend such an occasion where I can wear my style. (Haha you know what I mean?lol) And then, after browsing all the style from the people all over the world and saw some Filipino "lookbookers" who looked very happy on lookbook wherein they can share their style to the people, I didn't hesitate to join.

I've Been looking to all my photos on  since I missed it and I have nothing to do because I don't have to attend school anymore because I just graduated last April (hurrah for me!).

Well, I must say, out of the 32 looks I've posted before, this look is the one that i like the most so far!

Kingsly is now blogging! Well, let's give it a try. LOL

Thought of wearing this vest that I have for a long time now. Wore it with my printed tank top that has the design in the center and paired it with my classic black jeans from Esprit.

Ahhhh, I am really addicted to rings. I like big rings with weird designs. Like these rings in this photo. I always exaggerate them and mix them with other designs.
Rings from SM Department Store and Folded and Hung

 My friends say that, this will be my signature pose for shoes. The liked the idea of this photo to showcase the footwear nicely. Thanks to my cousin for taking these cool photos!

Socks from Japanese brand l Shoes from Couber G.

Letters in different font design of my tank top!

Red synthetic vest from Korea l Tank top from Basic Editions USA


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