Saturday, September 15, 2012

Dry Black and Chuck

 Chuck is back as they always say! But not the Chuck you girls know, 
who is Chuck Bass but the Chuck of every boys and girls love. 

It's Chuck Taylor!

I love Converse Chuck Taylor since I was a freshie in High School. I love wearing them because they are really comfortable and very reliable especially if you will do some errands. You can wear these pair for a run, walk in the mall and even for a smart casual event. They could always give you the look that you want to express/showcase. Good thing I kept them for like eight years now and they are still wearable. I can still use them as if they were brand new. They are my second pair of Chucks!

I matched my diamond inner shirt with my plaid button down to make a good contradicting statements. Paired it with my faded blue jeans which for me will add a nice look in my outfit.

Sunglasses from F-1 l Watch from Reaction by Kennetch Cole 
Baseball cap from Starter NY

Accessories: Cross ring from Oxygen l Animal rings Nayong Pilipino
Bicycle ring Farmer's Mall

The design of my inner shirt. Diamond inspired with the small slave crown print that made it look very dapper! 

Inner shirt from Korea l  Plaid button down from Eddie Bauer

To finish this look, I decided to wear my black canvas shoes with my brown printed socks. As I was telling you, Chuck Taylor is back, or should I say Chuck is always classic! 

Faded Jeans from People are People l Socks from Bangkok 
 Shoes from Converse Chuck Taylor



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