Saturday, September 8, 2012

Life as a Photographer

Most of my friends know that I am into photography since I was young. My dad is a photographer in our town. We used to have our own studio back then but decided to leave it when my Dad's friend tried politics and asked my dad to be his official photographer. My dad had been the official photographer of CW Ducut for about 10 years and it just stopped when CW Ducut wasn't lucky enough to win the elections to be the Governor of Pampanga.

I knew that I love photography when I was in fourth grade way back in 2003. I always bring my Dad's camera during our educational trips in Manila. Too bad wasn't able to save some pictures since we only use camera with films back then.

When I was in fifth grade my teacher asked me to join our school paper to be one of the photojournalist and luckily I was the Chief photojournalist. Joined different contests about Photojournalism and captioning until grade six and fortunately I was always on top. I was also  the Artist and Photojournalist of the year in my batch in the year 2004.

I continued doing photography until High school. I was in my third year HS when my teacher in my speech class asked me to join our school paper. And yes, I was the chiief photojournalist of my school paper until fourth year. I was able to join different contest, was able to rank first in the whole Pampanga and happy to represent it in the Regional level in the year 2008. Luckily, I was the Photojournalist of the year in my batch in the same year.

During my university days, photography had so much development with all the digital cameras that were introduced in our society. Photography has been everywhere. The competition has been really hard to all the photographers as well as for the aspiring ones. 

My classmates knew that I do photography because they can see it on my multiply account and sometimes on my computer. One day, my friend Michelle asked me to help her  to prepare for her debut on the summer of 2010. She asked me to organize her party in a reception hall in Angeles City. I was shocked when she told me that; though I had a little experience about organizing parties before. 

She asked me to make invitations, stands, tarpaulins and etc... We had our photo shoot for her guest book in Lakeshore. I never had a problem about the photo shoot because sometimes, my dad will ask me to assist him during his coverage for a debut, weddings, reunions and etc.. The photo shoot was a success and after a week I showed the sample lay out to Michelle and she was so happy.

The party was also a success. I was able to put up a Fabulous Las Vegas themed party. From the set up to the ambiance like you're really in Las Vegas with the production. From the small details like the costumes, cakes, giveaways and everything was  also related with the theme. (Photos will be uploaded on my next blog)

After this party, I received a lot of good feed backs with my professors, friends and colleagues. I received a lot of offers to make their invitations for their party, to help them think of a good theme and to make their special day a memorable one. 

During my Junior year in college, we had our culminating activity. My events management professor asked me together with my friend Ivan  to be the Chairperson of our batch for the upcoming event and fortunately, my batch mates, Ivan and I were able to put up a Disney themed event. And that was the HRM Night 2011: Happily Ever After. (Photos will be uploaded soon)

I was in my Senior year when my friend Edward asked me to join an organization about photography in our university which is the Hiraya Photography Society. I met a lot of friends in this organization. We share a lot of common interest in photography. We were able to put up a Photo exhibit where we can showcase our skills in photography. We were also able to put up a booth during our university week and showcase all the old cameras that we brought. It was like a mini museum of antic cameras. Haha! The College of Allied Medical Profession Pharmacy Department also asked us to shoot for their search for the next Mr. and Ms. Pharmacy 2011. 

My last work in photography was last November of 2011 when my colleague in college asked me to cover the photo shoot for our Contestants in the search for the Mr. and Ms. College of Business and Accountancy 2011. I've been so busy on the latter part of 2011 since I was a graduating student and the secretary of our department organization. As a graduating student, you have to balance your time doing your thesis, study with your other subjects and etc. Also, I joined the Summer Work and Travel of Dream Search International Inc. for this season. (Will blog the details about this soon)

January of 2012, I decided to join LookBook. This time, I was not the one who does the photo shoot but rather I ask my cousin or my friends to take pictures of my outfit. March of the same year, I had to leave our country and fly to the United States. I still ask my friends to take photos of my outfit there though. Haha! 

So that's it! Photography has a huge impact in my life. It has been my business for almost five years now and has been our Family business for almost 3 decades now. I can say that Photography runs in our Family! :)


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