Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Travel Photo Diary: Going Upper East Side

So this was my last day in NYC because the following day I flew to Chicago, IL.
This day was full of fun and exciting sight seeing around NYC.

 Aunt and I left Hackensack around seven in the morning and went to Bouchon Bakery to get some hot chocolate and some french macarons! 
And talking about Macarons, there was a free concert of the Maroon 5! Yes you read it right, A FREE CONCERT OF THE MAROON 5!! I was so happy to hear their songs live!
The concert was in Today Show. So it means the show was near the Rockefeller Center in Midtown Manhattan!

 My Beautiful Aunt!

Lower Plaza of Rockefeller Center


 Random buildings lol

 So happy to watch the Maroon 5! Thank you Today Show!

Can you see the Bouchon Bakery? Ahhh they make the yummiest macarons plus  the hot choco!

 Random fan girl

 Can you see them (M5)??

 Oh yes! Thanks to Toyota and Today Show for the free concert! My stay in NYC became more meaningful and memorable because of this concert!


After the concert Aunt and I rode the City Bus Tour for the last time and went to Upper East Side, Madison Street, Fifth Avenue, SoHo and Central Park!

The Beautiful Brooklyn Bridge! I wanna stay here!!!

All time favorite! Subway

Random people that you can see here
AMC 25! 

 Who in the world doesn't know SOUP MAN?? Lol

 Central Park

 Looks like SM Mall of Asia! Lol

 Where are we heading?? Hehe 

 Central Park

 I can't believe that Apple has this huge store in NYC!

 The biggest and (oldest?) Macy's store!

 Yup, my Aunt loves to shop in Macy's!

 Now it's Subway time!
34 St. to Brooklyn and Grand Central!

 Sometimes I feel I live in Grand Central Station! Lol

I love Subways, I hope our Country will have too!

After all the long walks and etc. We watched the Phantom of the Opera in Broadway!
Ahhh it's a must watch show in New York!
Photos about the show will be uploaded soon!



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