Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Superga and NYC

Have you heard the news about the hurricane in East Coast?
A place that caters to the pretty and chic pop culture is now in shambles.
I pray that safety and order to be restored soon in the meanwhile HOLD TIGHT East Coast...

Wearing this shirt to express my love for the place, a place home to fashion beacons.

I wore this outfit during an unannounced visit to my cousin's house since it's their 
term-break and to kill my boredom.

It was one of those regular afternoon that I wanted to end to make way for the 
embracing darkness and cold of the night.

Shirt from Times Square | Button Down from Old Navy | Chinos from Bench TM

My I love NY shirt. I have a white one too! 
Of course the shirt is a pretty piece but the city itself is a marvelous treasure.

Since it was really hot today, I decided to wear my Ray Ban Wayfarer to add a 
cool statement in my outfit.

Have you noticed my pictures? I was inspired to do some editing similar to Instagram. 
As I always say, "Instagram that stuff!
Yes! I am addicted to Instagram. You can follow me @ KingslyGonzales
 I always post foods, fashion, travels and random stuff using my trusty iPhone.

I also added a hint of gold in my outfit with this Casio Watch. I think wearing this watch alone would really look good.

To finish this look, I decided to wear my old school Superga shoes.
They are very nice and comfy! Perfect pair with my mustard chinos.

Thanks to my Cousin for taking my Outfit shots today! 

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On a completely different story, please don't forget to pay due respect to our departed loved ones this coming All Soul's Day.


Sunday, October 21, 2012


Finally! I was able to meet some of my fellow Pampanga-Based Fashion/Style Blogger.
Most of them were my schoolmates in college and saw them walk around the university head high with their fashion statements.

Right after our meeting, fitting and practice, we had our little shoot about our outfits 
to be posted on our lookbook accounts and on our blogs.

Since I am really into photography, I volunteered to take their outfit shots. 

First on the list is Joseph Francisco of http://bonjourstylista.blogspot.com/

I've known Joseph for like 3 years now. 
He is a Tourism Student in AUF and was a President of the Tiger's Performing Guild.
We became friends since we were dorm mates then.
 Joseph is wearing a camouflage print pants from People are People Dry Black which happen to be my favorite brand when it comes to jeans. I was sneaking these pants but unfortunately, there was no available size for me.

Now back to Seff as we usually call him, 
he matched his outfit with a plain black shirt and a camouflage print cap.
 His boots gave a strong statement in his outfit!

Next is Cheska Balingit of  http://cheskabalingit.blogspot.com/

 I like the way how Cheska pulled out this outfit with a chic style.
She actually told me that the shirt she's wearing was from her dad's closet.
She matched her outfit with a bandage skirt 
which gave a chic statement in her camouflage shirt.
She is such a cutie and a fashionable girl!

Gold and black was also in their outfits! Gold watches and mix of black and gold accessories. Seems like they talked about the outfit that they will wear for our meeting! :)

They're both wearing camouflage print which is really in trends nowadays.
 I was telling them that good thing, I didn't wear my military jacket 
or else the three of us will look like guards of Maligaya 168.



Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Future Cyber Criminal

Like and Comment!

I am a typical youth accustomed to the rituals of the 20th century. 

I surf the net using desktops and I'm always connected round the clock using my smartphone.

I am a twitter addict. I call myself a twitter-maniac.
I always update my status, share my opinion and sometimes,
 tweeting my way to express my feelings. 

When I heard the news about Cyber Crime Law, I started to research about it.

What is Cyber Crime Law?

Cyber Crime Law targets identity theft, hacking and child pornography among other offenses.

 Who can be liable? What if you Tweet are you liable?  

What if you re-Tweet are you liable?  
What if you share, what if you ‘Like’ as in Facebook, 
are you liable?

These are the "What if's" that run in our mind 
because of the said Law.

As a blogger and a citizen of the Philippines, I am not in favor of the Cyber Crime Law.
I think it is not right to control the views and opinions of the Filipino people.
In fact, the Philippines is a free country so it means, we also have our freedom of speech.
Every Filipino has the the right to express their opinions;  

And every Filipino has the right to liberty!

Future Cyber Criminal?

Come on people! Fight for our Right!!

Read more about the latest article about Cyber Crime Law:


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