Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Future Cyber Criminal

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I am a typical youth accustomed to the rituals of the 20th century. 

I surf the net using desktops and I'm always connected round the clock using my smartphone.

I am a twitter addict. I call myself a twitter-maniac.
I always update my status, share my opinion and sometimes,
 tweeting my way to express my feelings. 

When I heard the news about Cyber Crime Law, I started to research about it.

What is Cyber Crime Law?

Cyber Crime Law targets identity theft, hacking and child pornography among other offenses.

 Who can be liable? What if you Tweet are you liable?  

What if you re-Tweet are you liable?  
What if you share, what if you ‘Like’ as in Facebook, 
are you liable?

These are the "What if's" that run in our mind 
because of the said Law.

As a blogger and a citizen of the Philippines, I am not in favor of the Cyber Crime Law.
I think it is not right to control the views and opinions of the Filipino people.
In fact, the Philippines is a free country so it means, we also have our freedom of speech.
Every Filipino has the the right to express their opinions;  

And every Filipino has the right to liberty!

Future Cyber Criminal?

Come on people! Fight for our Right!!

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