Sunday, October 21, 2012


Finally! I was able to meet some of my fellow Pampanga-Based Fashion/Style Blogger.
Most of them were my schoolmates in college and saw them walk around the university head high with their fashion statements.

Right after our meeting, fitting and practice, we had our little shoot about our outfits 
to be posted on our lookbook accounts and on our blogs.

Since I am really into photography, I volunteered to take their outfit shots. 

First on the list is Joseph Francisco of

I've known Joseph for like 3 years now. 
He is a Tourism Student in AUF and was a President of the Tiger's Performing Guild.
We became friends since we were dorm mates then.
 Joseph is wearing a camouflage print pants from People are People Dry Black which happen to be my favorite brand when it comes to jeans. I was sneaking these pants but unfortunately, there was no available size for me.

Now back to Seff as we usually call him, 
he matched his outfit with a plain black shirt and a camouflage print cap.
 His boots gave a strong statement in his outfit!

Next is Cheska Balingit of

 I like the way how Cheska pulled out this outfit with a chic style.
She actually told me that the shirt she's wearing was from her dad's closet.
She matched her outfit with a bandage skirt 
which gave a chic statement in her camouflage shirt.
She is such a cutie and a fashionable girl!

Gold and black was also in their outfits! Gold watches and mix of black and gold accessories. Seems like they talked about the outfit that they will wear for our meeting! :)

They're both wearing camouflage print which is really in trends nowadays.
 I was telling them that good thing, I didn't wear my military jacket 
or else the three of us will look like guards of Maligaya 168.



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