Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Superga and NYC

Have you heard the news about the hurricane in East Coast?
A place that caters to the pretty and chic pop culture is now in shambles.
I pray that safety and order to be restored soon in the meanwhile HOLD TIGHT East Coast...

Wearing this shirt to express my love for the place, a place home to fashion beacons.

I wore this outfit during an unannounced visit to my cousin's house since it's their 
term-break and to kill my boredom.

It was one of those regular afternoon that I wanted to end to make way for the 
embracing darkness and cold of the night.

Shirt from Times Square | Button Down from Old Navy | Chinos from Bench TM

My I love NY shirt. I have a white one too! 
Of course the shirt is a pretty piece but the city itself is a marvelous treasure.

Since it was really hot today, I decided to wear my Ray Ban Wayfarer to add a 
cool statement in my outfit.

Have you noticed my pictures? I was inspired to do some editing similar to Instagram. 
As I always say, "Instagram that stuff!
Yes! I am addicted to Instagram. You can follow me @ KingslyGonzales
 I always post foods, fashion, travels and random stuff using my trusty iPhone.

I also added a hint of gold in my outfit with this Casio Watch. I think wearing this watch alone would really look good.

To finish this look, I decided to wear my old school Superga shoes.
They are very nice and comfy! Perfect pair with my mustard chinos.

Thanks to my Cousin for taking my Outfit shots today! 

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On a completely different story, please don't forget to pay due respect to our departed loved ones this coming All Soul's Day.


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