Friday, November 2, 2012

Travel Phot Diary: Chicago, IL

After my very short vacation in NYC I flew to Illinois to visit my relatives in Chicago.
I thought, there were no nice places to visit there. Its just that I want to see and visit my relatives that made me excited to go. But I was wrong, 
when my cousin told me that they have a lot of tourist destination, my heart and body were in glee.

During my first day, we went to the nearest outlet mall.
I was so happy because outlet mall means shopping, not just shopping but REAL SHOPPING. You know what I mean? Okay. Lol

The following day, we watched my cousins to play basketball in the morning and right after that, we headed to Chinatown to get some lunch and take pictures as well.
Before we went home, we dropped by the United Center. This is the world famous stadium of the Hawks and the Bulls, it is also a rock concert venue for big acts.
The home of Michael Jordan. 

The next day, we went to downtown Chicago to get some lunch in John Hancock Center, there you could visit the famous Signature Room where you will go up to the 95th floor and see the nicest view of 
Chicago's skyscraper.

Train Ride with the Kiddos!

Crossing the beautiful streets of Chicago! Heading to John Hancock Center
Finally! After a long walk! Welcome to JHC!
Look at the view!
The time of my life. Lol
The beautiful plate!


After our sumptuous lunch, we walked around downtown and took photos of the famous landmarks.

Fountain at the Water Tower

NYC? No! It's in Chicago! They also have Saks store here!~

The World famous!
 Art in the street!

 Ready? Not yet! Lol
 Cadillac Palace! Remember this from the movie 'The Vow'?
Going home now! The ticket for the train ride :)


The following day, we visited downtown again and walked over to Willis Tower 
(formerly known as the Sears Tower),
we went up to the 103rd floor of the building to see Chicago's Skyscraper. 

Honestly, I am not afraid of heights.  If you could still remember,
in NYC I went to the 86th floor of the Empire State Building.
The other day, still in Chicago, we had our lunch at the 95th floor. 
And now not just 86th or 95th BUT 103rd floor. Haha!

I was really amazed when I stepped in to the Sky Deck/Ledge and see the beautiful city of Chicago.
 Ready for the 103rd floor?

 Ready for the 103rd floor?

 Yes, they call it Iconic Chicago not just because of the tourist destination but also to the Famous People in the world like, Michael Jordan, Oprah and Barrack Obama. The three were from Chicago.

 The Sky Deck on the 103rd floor!

 The Sky Deck on the 103rd floor!


Look at the effort of my cousin! Thank you Ate Aura for the nice shot you took in this photo!
After Willis Tower, we went to Millennium Park, this is located near the Arts Institute of Chicago. Since Chicago is also popular when it comes to arts,
in the park you could see the beautiful art piece and has become one of Chicago's tourist destination; The Bean or known as the Chicago's Cloud Gate.

You could also see this beautiful art piece in the Movie "The Vow'.
 The Bean! I was astounded when I saw this in person! It's really beautiful!

Hi, I'm Asian!

 Feelin' and touchin' it yeah! So amazing!

 The kids enjoying the FOUNTAIN! Lol

The famous Diamond Building!
Before we went home, we dropped by the Buckingham Fountain in  Grant Park and headed to
Navy Pier to get some foods and took some pictures.
 The Buckingham Fountain! 

 The beautiful Chicago in my background! @ Navy Pier

 With my cousins! From L to R: Kuya Leslie, I, Ate Aura and Kuya Lawrence!

 With Uncle Fil and Auntie Au!

While waiting for the cab. Photo Op!!

There you go, I miss Chicago already! It was summer when I went there that's why I didn't get the chance to layer. I wished it was fall or winter though! Lol

I hope you guys enjoyed browsing my photos as much as I did!
I'll blog my Fourth of July in Six Flags soon! 



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