Friday, November 23, 2012

Blue and Velvet

Before I post my next Travel entry, let me show you a quick outfit post first. I wore this outfit couple of months ago when I was doing some errands. It took me ages to blog about this since I had to find the copies of these pictures and luckily I found them in my trusty laptop! Anyways back to my outfit, I wore an all blue outfit on that day since I got this new blue baseball cap from my dad and my new stripes socks! 

 I'm not really into color matching (from clothes to shoes or shoes to clothes). My style is more of an experimental type but let's just say that I went out of my comfort zone and tried a different thing.

I wore my two toned blue shirt from Faded Glory and matched it with my washed out crotch pants from Folded and Hung. I wore minimal clothes since the sun was really striking then. 

Added my plaid baseball cap from DC

Since my cap screams Street style fashion, I thought of wearing all my "pa astig" rings!
50 Cent and 2 Pac diamond rings from my cousin
 2 rounded rings from SM Department Store

Blue watch from G-Shock

Stripes socks from Saizen

To finish this look, I wore my thrifted blue velvet boots. I think, they gave a strong statement to my look. Velvet + Jeans = Perfect Combo!

Since I had enough time, I asked my cousin to take extra shots in this outfit.



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