Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Travel Photo Diary: Disneyland, CA

 Familiar in this line? Yes you're right! It's from Disneyland! Last summer, my cousin (Melanie) and I went to the Happiest place on earth! I was so happy since it was my first time to go there. I can't actually explain the feeling. Lol it's a one of a kind experience to see all the characters that I only see on movies! So happy to meet all my childhood friends in person! A day that I will never forget in my whole life.

 Welcome to Disneyland, CA!

 Kid at heart!

 The castle!

 The famous Disney band! I had goosebumps when they welcomed us!

 Meet my childhood friends!! Who's your favorite?

 Our first ride was....... It's a small world!!

 Next stop was in Toontown!

Since I got a park hopper ticket for a day, during the afternoon we toured the other park and went to..... Disney California Adventure! Was really excited to see Cars Land!


Water show by Goofy!

Parade at California Adventure!

Ready for this ride!!!!!

And the newest attraction in Disney California Adventure!
 Welcome to CARS LAND!

 Yeah! The waiting time for this ride was like 5 hours! I just asked my cousins to take some photos of me! Sigh maybe next time I can try this! :)

I like this ride huh!

 Back to Disneyland to catch the parade!

After the parade, we watched couple of shows like, the Mickey show and the fireworks display.

After the fireworks, I went to California adventure again to watch the World of Colors. Ahhh this show was awesome! Very very nice!

I really had a good time in this park! I wish to go back here again with my family!

PS: Sorry for the bad quality of pictures! 



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