Saturday, November 3, 2012

Travel Photo Diary: Great America

Not the usual BBQ Party in the backyard and picnic at the park like most of the Americans do during Fourth of July, we spent our whole day in Six Flags Great America.

Welcome to Great America!
 Yes! Being here in Six Flags made me missed working in  
I miss the park as well! Wanna go back to BGT!
For the min time, Enjoy browsing my Six Flags experience~!
 Cooling area, gaaaaah it was so hot that day!
 Welcome to the Southwest Territory! Wooohooo
 Gaaaaaah I miss this ride! It is a must try ride!!

 It doesn't have the same drop like Sheikra, but it's still a good one!
 Riptide haaaaaaaaa!
Ready for this! Gaaaaah
 Look at those slidin' slides! Cool don't you think!? :-)

 Spot me! Wooooooooh Hello Six Flags!
 Meet the Riders! From L to R: Kuya Sher, I, Len, Kuya Lesli, Lance and Lester! Hello guys!
 The kiddos after all the long walks under the heat of the sun!
Ready to watch the fireworks display!
So yes! As their tradition (I think) the night ended with a cool 
45 minutes of fireworks display! Yes 45 minutes!
Even in our ride way home, the hi way was so bright with all the fireworks everywhere!!

So yes, that's how I/we spent our Fourth of July. It was my first time to experience that special day for the Americans. Looking forward to celebrate it again soon!



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