Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Knitted and Aztec

Never thought that I could wear these four dream catchers in one of my outfit at the same time since they were just hanging in my cabinet for years now. Whenever my friends will visit Baguio, I always ask them to buy me a dream catcher. Baguio's dream catchers for me are authentic (that they could really catch my dreams. lol).

I wore my favorite aztec print pullover and matched it with my mustard chinos. They are perfect together. A perfect outfit for a laid back gloomy day. Added my knitted cardigan from Folded and Hung and placed it around my waist. I may look like ill in this outfit but believe me, I just wanted to look like a typical traveler in Baguio! Can I? Lol

I got lot of odd stares when I wore this outfit, maybe because of the socks that I wore with my rubber sandals? Haha Others (like the 70's-80's people) liked my outfit,  reminded them of the retro look I guess.  And to my head, I didn't have enough time to fix my hair so I just wore my blue beanie from Human. It went well with the outfit anyway!

Four dream cathers from Baguio City

Take a closer look of the prints of my pullover from Robinsons

And to finish this look, I wore my "controversial" footwear combo! Stripes socks from Forever21 and Sandals from Tabata.



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