Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ripped and Painting

I was inspired to wear a colorful outfit just like what the people in New Orleans do when they celebrate Mardi Gras or also known as the Carnival season. They always wear bright colors like green, purple and yellow. However, I am aware that here in the Philippines, we do not celebrate this event but I was just really in the mood to wear colorful. Mardi Gras is all about fun and colors! So have fun on browsing my pictures!

In my outfit, I wore my colorful design shirt from Greater Good with my denim button down from Markus and layered it with my plaid button down from Aeropostale. Paired it with my ripped jeans from Mossimo which added a fun look in my outfit. As I said, Mardi Gras is all about fun! So I think, my jeans go with the word 'fun' cause it's ripped! Lol

Wore my Pure black MJ Large Aviator from Ray Ban to make my look even better. They are really classic! Either wear them with jeans or suit, they will still give you the best look! Thanks to the designer of this sun glasses! You're a genius!

My cousin who took this shots was trying to make me laugh! He cracks jokes to make me jolly! That's why I look like a retard in this photo!
Take a closer look of my layering stuff. I wore a lighter denim button down so I can still tolerate the heat of the sun. Plus, it will help you not to look trying too hard to layer even if it's hot. Just be careful on what you layer and you're okay.

The signature of the designer of my shirt. Isn't nice to make a shirt a canvas?

Ripped jeans from Mossimo. Aahhh I have these jeans since I was a sophomore in High school! My mum gave it to me on Christmas Day. Really glad I still have it!

To finish this colorful look, I wore my velvet  green boots from Clark's with my blue socks from Forever 21 Men


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