Thursday, November 29, 2012

Peace and Irrelevant

Here's a quick post on what I wore when we went to Walmart to buy some groceries and had some shopping at the University Mall! A perfect outfit for the spring season! A perfect time for me to layer and wear my favorite oversized beanie! I really like this kind of weather!
This post is quite late but I just can't help not to post it! Lol

 Wore my black inner shirt from Forever21 over my plaid shirt from Arnold Palmer and layered it with my favorite denim vest from Dry Black People are People. I matched it with my khaki trousers from Human. I really like the color of my trousers. I think I can match all my clothes with these! And for my clutch, uhm, uhm, I know that this is kinda irrelevant but I thought, this would make me look casual by the time that we'll get into the mall and have some shopping! So please forgive me about that! Lol

In this outfit, I also wore my beanie from Mogao/Much Better and my polka socks from a Japanese Brand with my brown boots from K-Bond People are People.

Nice view from the sky! Indeed a perfect weather!

  I managed to keep my outfit really functional since I knew before hand that we will go to Walmart and get some groceries which means I have to carry all the shopping bags! T.T Uhm, don't mind my clutch though! I'll ask my friend to bring it for me! Lol

And for my neck piece, I mixed all my favorite pendant in one lace. As you can see, I really adore the 'Peace sign'. This sign means a lot for me!

Stainless peace sign and 4 rings from a friend and black peace sign from Maldita



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