Friday, November 9, 2012

Travel Photo Diary: Viva Las Vegas

Since Las Vegas is only four hours away, my relatives from Gardena toured me in this beautiful place. It is such a nice, nice place!! I can't believe I was able to see this ark in person! I only see this on movies or sometimes in a magazine, but hell yeah!

If you read all my previous blogs, you could really say that, I really adore Las Vegas that I used it as a theme in a party which I organized!


 My cousin Nicole with her boyfriend Scott!

 Very much happy!

Fashion Show Drive!

Hello Caesars Palace! Finally met you! Get ready cause I will invade your H&M Store! Lol

 What?? Am I in Paris??! Only in Vegas!

 The hotel where we stayed! Planet Hollywood is the bomb!

Look at the replica of the Eiffel! Looks really good!

 Now waiting for the water show in front of Bellagio!

Taa daaa! I remember, my reactions were only 'Wow', 'Nice' and 'Cool'. This water show is a MUST watch when you visit Las Vegas. It will really put your heart in awe!

So let's see what is inside of this nice hotel!

Suddenly, this weird smile photo of me popped in this blog! Lol silly me

 Hello to the biggest H&M store!!!

 AM I IN VENICE?? NO SERIOUSLY, AM I??! Nah, I kid, I kid! 
This is the famous Venetian Hotel!

Hey there, Mr. Wynn!

And then there's me, inside Wynn hotel. Pretending to play in the Casino!

The next day, before we left Las Vegas, we had our photo op with the three of the famous hotels here.

Hello, Mandalay Bay! Ahhh I fell inlove with this hotel! It is really really beautiful! 

 Scott and Nicole in front of Mandalay Bay!

 Next stop, to watch Pacquiao's fight! No, I kid again! To visit MGM GRAND!!! Alright, my father would be jealous of me if he sees this photo! Lol

 Lost in Las Vegas!

 NYC?????? Nahhhh! It's in New York New York Hotel!

 If I'm not mistaken, the temperature that day was 102!! Gaaah would you believe that???

Saying hello from the Vegas Strip!!! 

Till next time, Las Vegas! I'll be back! I'll be back!



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    1. Yep! Go for a hotel hopping! Hahaha inform me when you visit PI! :)


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