Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pullovers and Docs

Six weeks to go and it's Christmas time! The most awaited event of the year-- the birth of our Savior! Well, I can't believe how time flies so fast. Cold weather during the month of November and December were missed. In a tropical country like the Philippines, it's not usual to all of us to experience breezy weather (except if you live in Baguio or in Tagaytay).

Since we're on the second week of November, in my outfit I decided to wear a pullover and matched it with a coat. I know that our weather lately is unpredictable, sometimes it's hot and sometimes it will rain. So in this post I'll try my best to show you how to manage your look during this kind of weather. To start your day, when the sun isn't shining too much yet, you can wear your favorite laid back pullover with your coat to look more presentable and to look casual. Make sure to wear it with style and you're ready to go! Just bear in mind that the weather should always be appropriate in your look. If it's not really cold especially during the afternoon, you can remove your coat and just wear your pullover alone. Remember, your pullover should always look neat and comfortable. Wear bright colors and big stripes to add an impact in your look without your coat.

I also wore my Wayfarer sunglasses from Ray Ban in this look. These sunglasses will help you look swag yet will maintain your neat and casual look.

Wear your classic watch that you can match either with your coat or pullover.
Gold watch from Casio

Design of my knitted pullover from H&M

The patchwork of my pullover on my right elbow!

And to make this look more classic, I wore my black shoes from Doc Martens. I bought these pair in an outlet in Florida, so speaking of outlet, I really got a huge discount for these! These are my favorite shoes now.
Classic and unique in one!

Gray Coat from Frederick Policarpio l Red and Gray Pullover from H&M l
Black corduroy pants from Esprit l Shoes from Doc Martens
 Watch from Casio l Sunglasses from Ray Ban

I hope you guys learned something from this post! Remember to wear all your coats/jackets over your favorite pullovers and take advantage of the weather! Our weather isn't always like this so make the most out of it!



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