Saturday, November 10, 2012

Black and Ramones

Let's have a pause first about my Travel posts from my short vacation in the Unites States and jump over to my latest outfit post. (I promise, I still have a lot of Travel posts to show to all of you guys! So watch out for my next post.) Anyway, allow me to share something about this outfit to all of you.

 Wore this outfit couple of days ago when I thought of wearing something that could represent my love for music! And then suddenly, this shirt popped in my head and I hurriedly grabbed it in my closet!

 I paired my shirt from Ramones with my black pants from Esprit and added a leather black belt from Levi'sIn this outfit, I managed to keep it clean and simple. I also added a touch of silver with all my accessories in this outfit which I think is a nice combination for the color black. Well, we can always match black in different color, right?

Take a look of my neck. Rebelious huh?
My DIY studded baseball cap! Made this cap last 2 weeks ago since I was inspired with all the studded caps I see online.

To add such a rebel impact in my whole look, I added this silver accessories in my arms!
Cuffs bracelet DIY l Watch from Reaction by Kenneth Cole

My neck pieces. My DIY silver chain necklace and my plastic barbwire necklace from a bazaar last 8 years ago! Yes seriously, 8 years ago. I love to keep things especially when they are really worth keeping for.

And to finish this simple look, I wore these boots from Boby USA. I don't know why but whenever I wear these pair, they make me feel tall!

For those who don't know Ramones, feel free to visit their website:



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