Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Travel Photo Diary: Rich and Famous

 After my week trip from Chicago, I flew to California by United Airlines to visit my relatives there. In my last two weeks in the United States, I was able to meet my relatives both side and my sister's fiance here in CA.

But hey, you got it wrong, I didn't stay in Beverly Hills, they just toured me to this beautiful city! The city of the rich and famous-- 90210!

 This is the Versace store in.......... Rodeo Drive!

 I can't believe I'm in Rodeo Drive again! (Again because my brother brought me here and in Hollywood the day before BUT TOO BAD I DIDN'T BRING MY CAMERA THAT TIME) good thing, I'm back to take some nice photos!

 Give me your swag!

 Not just in NYC but also in California! ~~Walk of Style

 Hay, Mr. Fred!


 After in Beverly hills, we headed to Hollywood!

 We meet again, MJ! :-)

 I wish I brought my other lens!

 Ho ho ho Hollywood!

  From L to R: Ate Harriet and AJ, I and Auntie Grace!

  Say hello to Mickey and Minnie in Hollywood street!

  Hi, I'm Asian and I'm your biggest fan! Waaaachaaa! Lol

 My niece Althea!

  Hey buddy, i heard you fart so loud?

  Ate Hariet and AJ under the heat of the SUN!

Can I ask the head of the Hollywood walk of fame to change this one? I said, it should be Kingsly Gonzales not Ben Kingsley! Who is Ben Kingsley?! Lol just kidding! 



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