Thursday, November 8, 2012

Travel Photo Diary: San Francsico, CA

My trip to California became more memorable when they toured me in San Francisco. A place that is best known for its endless beauty, the city where you can find the brightest and luxurious bridge of all time in the United States-- the Golden Gate Bridge

During my stay in California, we went to San Francisco to visit some relatives who live there and to see the beautiful Golden Gate, Fisherman's wharf and the Famous Crooked Street

 Before we reached San Francisco, we had our stop over in Solvang to get some foods. Solvang is such a nice place. Solvang has become a major California tourist attraction, with over one million visitors per year according to Wikipedia.

  Nice view of the park where you can have your lunch/late dinner!

  With the FAMOUS FAIRYTALE Writter!

  From L to R: With Ate Harriet, AJ, Sam and I! 

Another stop over at...... Where?! City of Gonzales! My city. LOL

My view on our way to SanFo! Hello North Cali!
Since, we arrived at around ten in the evening, we decided to get some rest first before going to the famous landmarks in SFO!


The following day, we toured the said famous landmarks!

 Here we go! Welcome to PFA!!!

 Philippine film and TV series had their episode shots here!

  Visit their page to explore more about this! Palace of Fine Arts

Next stop!!!!! The Golden Gate!

 I'm Asian! How are you?! :-)

  The not so gold but Golden Gate!

  I'm inlove with this city!


On the following day, we headed to the one of the famous (but coldest beach for me) beach in America-- Pebble Beach

I have no idea why did they call it pebble beach but my concern is that, I CANNOT AFFORD TO SWIM IN A COLD BEACH LIKE THIS! Lol

 After pebble beach, we are now going back to LA. But because it's really really a long drive, we stayed in a hotel first to get some rest.


On our way back to LA, we dropped by the world famous park-- Yosemite National Park

  Nice view don't you think?

  So greeeeen~~

 Look at those HUGE, yes HUGE rock formations!

  The walking way! Yosemite, you rule!

Hello, Philippines from Yosemite!

For more information about this park, visit their website:


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