Thursday, November 22, 2012

Travel Photo Diary: Universal, CA

It wasn't my first time to visit Universal Studios in America. I've been to Universal Orlando for two times but to my surprise, Universal in Hollywood is different to the one in Orlando. Universal Hollywood is a movie studio and theme park at the same time. They offer tours of the real Universal Studios sound stages and sets. This is one of the oldest and most famous Hollywood movie studios still in use. They also have the rides like, The Mummy Ride, Jurasic Park ride and more.

Though they don't have the Incredible Hulk ride (which is my favorite ride), they have this ride called "Studio Tour" where you can see some of the shooting locations they do in some Universal Movies and TV Series like Desperate Housewives. I was really surprised when I saw these during our ride! This is indeed The Entertainment Capital of L.A!

 A different design of the Universal Globe! This globe was made of metal which made it classy.

 I had a hard time to take this decent photo since this globe is rotating! Haha

Red Carpet Affair, anyone? Gate to Universal Studios, Hollywood

 Welcome to Hollywood! 1... 2... 3... Smile!! Statue at the entrance of the park.

 You serious? Marilyn is here? Oh well!

 This character kept on burping! Nasty but cool,eh?

 Typical New Yorkers! Only in Hollywood!

 Hey George, are you curious?

 Shrek 4D! It was a nice show!

 Don't you just love this view here?

 And that's me showing you the view of the lower lot.

 It's time for the Studio Tour ride now! This is the one I was blabbing about!

 Looks familiar? Well, you might seen this place in some movies.

 War of the World shooting location. And oh, the photo shoot location of ANTM too!

 The BIG (all caps) Green Board!

 After our ride, my niece Kailee was trying her luck to win a toy! What a charming girl!

 Scenic view? Yes!

And before we headed home, we rode the newest ride of Universal Hollywood! The Transformers Ride! This ride was in 3D! I liked it though the line was really long! We waited for about two hours just to get in!

Till next time, Universal! I hope you guys learned something from this post!

Watch out for my Universal Orlando entry with my friends from Tampa, Florida!



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