Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Travel Photo Diary: Universal, FL

Just what I promised, I will show you guys my Universal Orlando Resort experience/s with my friends during my Work and Travel in Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, Florida! It was such an amazing experience to work in Busch Gardens; not just because of the people that you work with but also with the benefits of going to the different parks like Adventure Island, Seaworld, Aquatica and of course, Universal Resort for free! Yes, it's FREE! You can always go there whenever you want to and just show your employee ID!

Last summer, during our off from work. Ian, Jeth, Ira and I went to the coolest park on earth! Universal Orlando Resort! Man, this park is really huge. And when I say it's huge, it is really HUGE! All caps, yeah.

The mini golf course that you could see before you enter the park!

Got my ticket! I am now ready for some cool rides!

My friend Jeth and I with our tickets! Entrance ticket for both parks. Islands of Adventures and Universal Studios. 

First park! Islands of Adventure!  The Adventure Begins!

Are you ready for some cool rides?

First ride was my favorite ride! The Incredible Hulk Ride! Ohh, I could ride this the whole day! 

Next stop, Comic Strip Cafe!

And time for some adventure! Jurassic Park!

And I can't keep my excitement to go to......... Harry Potter Land!!

Don't you just love the view here? Feels like you're really part of the movie. Lol

Well, I could still see the Hulk ride in our view during our break!

NBA City beside Hardrock!

Second Park..... The Famouse Universal Globe! (I told you, this is different to the globe in L.A)

Though it was just a quick getaway, we still had so much fun!


Universal the second time around! As part of the program, BGT gave us the chance to go to Orlando! We went to Seaworld and right after, we rode a bus and went to...... Universal Resort!

 My friends, Janette, Jeth, Heaven, Kelvin, Jhelly and Sherome!

 Buddies! Junice and Janette!

 Welcome to..... Universal Orlando Resort!

 Saying hello to ya'll!~



 Just showing you this nice view!

 Getting our tickets!

 Me with my ticket! Lol

 Photo Op! Grace, Jhelly, Sherome, Jeth, Heaven, Kelvin and Janette! Lol

Hello again, Hulk ride!!

I really had fun walking around the park with my friends! I will never forget all the memories we had here! Memories that I will forever cherish!

Wasn't able to take lot of pictures since we were all excited and we kept on riding all the rides!



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