Monday, December 31, 2012

Top Twelve on 2012

2012 opened so many opportunities in my life. It's one of my favorite year to record. It's the year that I was able to reach some of my dreams in life and one of them was to finish my studies. I had a lot of ups and downs, it was never easy to make your case study while juggling for your visa for the United States. I am very thankful to have my family in my side during times like those because they kept pushing me forward to achieve all my endeavors in life. I must say that 2012 gave the time of my life! I was able to go to different continent and learned new cultures. I traveled the United States from East Coast to West Coast. From the sunny state in Florida and to the cozy feel in California. We also had our first out of the country family bonding, though our eldest sister and her husband were not able to go with us because she just gave birth to the newest angel in our family- Kaia.

On 2012, I decided to join and What I Wear; my style has developed very much. And yes,  I took blogging seriously. I was able to meet new friends who has the same passion when it comes to fashion- the Pampanga's Fashion Bloggers. It was an honor to be part of this group. It opened a lot of opportunities to showcase our love in our craft. Getting invitations from different companies were really heart warming. 2012 has been a great foundation in our group!

And speaking of 2012, before we end this year, I want to share to all of you my Top 12 looks that I can say my favorite looks. Enjoy browsing and welcome 2013 with a big smile!

The perfect outfit on doing some errands! Comfy and Trendy in one!

My indie-artistic look! An outfit for a chill day!

My most trusted travel pants in the US! This is my favorite jeans!

Rocker inspired outfit! You will never go wrong with black!

Coolest outfit for a casual collaboration meeting! Street and High fashion combo!

Matchy matchy from head to toe! A blue schemed inspired look!

Dressing up for spring? Go and try to layer your clothes! It's my favorite anyway! Lol

Getting ready for a lazy dazy day?! Wear your favorite tank top!

For a gloomy and steady day, wear your pullover with a hoodie and you're good to go!

My favorite pair! A perfect outfit for a "youth inspired" video shoot!

Casual and trendy? Wear your coat over your pullover to look effortlessly trendy!... and oh, your Docs!

It's the prints of the shirt that made this look my favorite! And yes, I'm missing BGT everyday! Looking forward for a Safari Tour next time!

So there you go guys! These are my Top 12 favorite looks for 2012. Tell me your thoughts about my style. More to come on 2013!!

I hope you guys enjoyed your 2012 like I did! So what are we waiting for? Cheers to 2013!!! Happy New Year!!


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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Granny and Reindeer

I know this is too late but allow me to share to you what I wore on Christmas eve. I was very very happy when Ivy gave me this nice sweater during our Merry Go Bazaar. I like the design of the sweater, it reminds me of a grandfather. (grandfather who sips coffee in the morning while reading the newspaper. Lol) But seriously, this sweater is the bomb! Perfect fit and perfect design, aaaah I could not ask for more! This is a perfect sweater for the Christmas Eve.

In this look, minimalism was the key. I didn't do some layering and stuff like I always do; just a sweater and a pair of jeans.... that's it. I just kept it really simple and clean. Since the print of my sweater screams Christmas, I didn't have to wear any accessories to make it look interesting. The sweater alone can make this look nice (in my opinion lol). I also played with 3 colors, green, brown and midnight blue which were all present on my sweater. 

Shoes from Clark's l Denim jeans from Penshoppe
Printed sweater from Ivy l Printed socks from a bazaar
Clutch from Jeroy l Eyeglasses from Korea

Special shoutout for Ivy! Thank you for this nice sweater!

Granny sweater, yes? It's also a perfect design for Christmas!

The knitted design of my sweater. Colors green, brown and midnight blue + white and red. Christmas it is!

Leather clutch bag from Jeroy!

Kiat kiat! Do I still need to explain why I have kiat kiat here? Lol it's from our Noche Buena (Family dinner during Christmas eve.)

Brown eyeglasses which I matched with my brown leather clutch

And for the reindeer....... ta da! Hello to my printed socks! Its's not only my sweater that screams Christmas but also my socks!

To finish this look, I decided to wear my green velvet boots and my printed socks. Hey reindeer, where's Santa? Lol Hurrah for Christmas! Anyways, advance Merry Christmas!! Hahaha advance greeting for this year! ;)


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Friday, December 28, 2012

Oak and Prints

What's a nice get up for a lazy day but you still want to look stylish? Ahh none other than a printed cardigan! You will never go wrong with a nice cardigan. Cardigans can make you look stylish with just a pair of nice pants and a tee. Even if you're just wearing a plain tee, by adding your cardigan to your outfit, you'll look fine. This would also be a perfect outfit for a chillax day. Good for a movie or for a coffee date! Just keep it casual and clean then you're good to go! Popcorn and frappe please! Oh a perfect combo huh? LOL

In my case, I wore my black printed cardigan over my black v neck shirt and just matched it with my khaki pants and presto! I didn't hesitate to wear this cardigan since it screams style. The design is one of a kind! I also added my rings to make my look interesting and to break the laziness in my look. A nice get up for a lazy day!

Printed Cardigan from Mogao/Much Better l Black shirt from Forever21
Khaki pants from Human l Boots from Clark's
Ring from a bazaar l Eyeglasses from Korea

Take a closer look of my cardigan. Hurrah for the prints, yes?

Eyeglasses from Korea. I love huge eyeglasses/sunglasses.

And to finish this look, I wore my velvet green boots from Clark's. This pair can really give a nice statement in your look, may it be formal, casual or even for a lazy day!


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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Business and Aztec

One sunny day in the state of Florida, I and my friends had a serious business meeting in Busch Gardens. Lol I kid, I kid! Okay, insert serious face here: When we got to Tampa which was last summer, my friends and I got really shocked when one of the heads in the Human Resources in BGT called us to say that we will have our orientation immediately. Okay, here we go, I know it's just an orientation/briefing but man, WE STILL HAVE OUR JET LAG THAT TIME!! I mean, seriously? After our 16 hour flight and seven hour bus ride you will call us for an orientation? Ahhh kill me now! Lol so my friends and I did nothing but to wear our casual attire (because we were told to do so) and this is what I wore. Adrenaline and sleepyhead system!

I was still sleepy that time that's why I just grabbed my pullover and my chinos from my luggage fresh from the PI. I just wore my gray coat over my favorite aztec print pullover and paired it with my overused mustard chinos! I added my brown boots to complement in the color of my chinos. I also wore my sunglasses to hide my eye bags! Lol I also decided to carry my iPad to let the professional aura kick in.

Coat from Frederick Policarpio l Pullover from Robinsons
Mustard chinos from Bench TM l Boots from K-Bond People are People
Bracelet from Lazy Pig l Watch from Reaction by Kenneth Cole
Sunglasses from a Bazaar

Busines and Aztec huh? Tell me your thoughts! :)

Bracelet from Lazy Pig! Thanks to Wax De Guzman for this!

I tell you, it wasn't easy to decide what to wear when you are sleepy! Good thing that coats and pullovers were created to make life easier! Lol I'm keeping this post short guys! Happy Holidays!


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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Go Bazaar feat. Pampanga's Fashion Bloggers

First of all I would like to greet you a late Merry Christmas! Well, as they always say, better late than never! Hohoho I'm pretty sure that most of you guys were busy last Christmas like me. I spent the whole day with my loved ones at home and we went to the nearest mall in the afternoon. One of the Christmas that I will always remember! Anyways, I hope you guys had a blast last Christmas. Now, allow me to share to you the event we had last Sunday, December 23, 2012 two days before Christmas at Graceland Restaurant in Angeles City. The Merry Go Bazaar featuring the Pampanga's Fashion Bloggers!

It was a day full of FF! Are you wondering what FF means? It's Food and Fashion! Yes, the day was full of Food and Fashion. Eat there, shop here, shop there, eat here. Ahhh it was a four hour event that happened in our very own province! These are some of the concessionaires who joined the bazaar J&V Delights, Food for Friends, Sweet Lily, Cupcakes and Accessories, Human Nature, The Hook, Matilde, Xyndhie Xhoppe and more! This event was presented by the  Bloomers Party Services and Events Management. I and my fellow bloggers were also there to sell our pre-loved stuff like clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. It was really fun selling all my stuff! I also had the chance to talk to some of the people I invited to go to the bazaar. It was really a successful event! This wouldn't be our first and last bazaar! It would be the last for this year but we'll have more events like this on 2013! So watch out for those! Lol

I wasn't able to take a lot of pictures since I was busy selling my stuff so please forgive me about that! Lol Anyways, here are some of the snaps from the bazaar! Happy Browsing!

Three days to go and it'll be thank you 2012 and hello 2013! I am very very excited for the New Year to come! New opportunities to come this 2013. Claim it and you'll have it! Advance Happy New Year everyone! Enjoy your holiday!


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