Thursday, December 27, 2012

Business and Aztec

One sunny day in the state of Florida, I and my friends had a serious business meeting in Busch Gardens. Lol I kid, I kid! Okay, insert serious face here: When we got to Tampa which was last summer, my friends and I got really shocked when one of the heads in the Human Resources in BGT called us to say that we will have our orientation immediately. Okay, here we go, I know it's just an orientation/briefing but man, WE STILL HAVE OUR JET LAG THAT TIME!! I mean, seriously? After our 16 hour flight and seven hour bus ride you will call us for an orientation? Ahhh kill me now! Lol so my friends and I did nothing but to wear our casual attire (because we were told to do so) and this is what I wore. Adrenaline and sleepyhead system!

I was still sleepy that time that's why I just grabbed my pullover and my chinos from my luggage fresh from the PI. I just wore my gray coat over my favorite aztec print pullover and paired it with my overused mustard chinos! I added my brown boots to complement in the color of my chinos. I also wore my sunglasses to hide my eye bags! Lol I also decided to carry my iPad to let the professional aura kick in.

Coat from Frederick Policarpio l Pullover from Robinsons
Mustard chinos from Bench TM l Boots from K-Bond People are People
Bracelet from Lazy Pig l Watch from Reaction by Kenneth Cole
Sunglasses from a Bazaar

Busines and Aztec huh? Tell me your thoughts! :)

Bracelet from Lazy Pig! Thanks to Wax De Guzman for this!

I tell you, it wasn't easy to decide what to wear when you are sleepy! Good thing that coats and pullovers were created to make life easier! Lol I'm keeping this post short guys! Happy Holidays!


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