Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Go Bazaar feat. Pampanga's Fashion Bloggers

First of all I would like to greet you a late Merry Christmas! Well, as they always say, better late than never! Hohoho I'm pretty sure that most of you guys were busy last Christmas like me. I spent the whole day with my loved ones at home and we went to the nearest mall in the afternoon. One of the Christmas that I will always remember! Anyways, I hope you guys had a blast last Christmas. Now, allow me to share to you the event we had last Sunday, December 23, 2012 two days before Christmas at Graceland Restaurant in Angeles City. The Merry Go Bazaar featuring the Pampanga's Fashion Bloggers!

It was a day full of FF! Are you wondering what FF means? It's Food and Fashion! Yes, the day was full of Food and Fashion. Eat there, shop here, shop there, eat here. Ahhh it was a four hour event that happened in our very own province! These are some of the concessionaires who joined the bazaar J&V Delights, Food for Friends, Sweet Lily, Cupcakes and Accessories, Human Nature, The Hook, Matilde, Xyndhie Xhoppe and more! This event was presented by the  Bloomers Party Services and Events Management. I and my fellow bloggers were also there to sell our pre-loved stuff like clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. It was really fun selling all my stuff! I also had the chance to talk to some of the people I invited to go to the bazaar. It was really a successful event! This wouldn't be our first and last bazaar! It would be the last for this year but we'll have more events like this on 2013! So watch out for those! Lol

I wasn't able to take a lot of pictures since I was busy selling my stuff so please forgive me about that! Lol Anyways, here are some of the snaps from the bazaar! Happy Browsing!

Three days to go and it'll be thank you 2012 and hello 2013! I am very very excited for the New Year to come! New opportunities to come this 2013. Claim it and you'll have it! Advance Happy New Year everyone! Enjoy your holiday!


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