Friday, December 28, 2012

Oak and Prints

What's a nice get up for a lazy day but you still want to look stylish? Ahh none other than a printed cardigan! You will never go wrong with a nice cardigan. Cardigans can make you look stylish with just a pair of nice pants and a tee. Even if you're just wearing a plain tee, by adding your cardigan to your outfit, you'll look fine. This would also be a perfect outfit for a chillax day. Good for a movie or for a coffee date! Just keep it casual and clean then you're good to go! Popcorn and frappe please! Oh a perfect combo huh? LOL

In my case, I wore my black printed cardigan over my black v neck shirt and just matched it with my khaki pants and presto! I didn't hesitate to wear this cardigan since it screams style. The design is one of a kind! I also added my rings to make my look interesting and to break the laziness in my look. A nice get up for a lazy day!

Printed Cardigan from Mogao/Much Better l Black shirt from Forever21
Khaki pants from Human l Boots from Clark's
Ring from a bazaar l Eyeglasses from Korea

Take a closer look of my cardigan. Hurrah for the prints, yes?

Eyeglasses from Korea. I love huge eyeglasses/sunglasses.

And to finish this look, I wore my velvet green boots from Clark's. This pair can really give a nice statement in your look, may it be formal, casual or even for a lazy day!


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