Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Retro and Oversized

My dad will always be my number one icon! May it be in photography or fashion, my dad is really my number one icon! Whenever I see the old pictures of my father, I cannot deny the fact that during his time, he was really a man of style. From the bootleg cut pants of Elvis up to the straight leg cut from Levi's and from the loose button-downs up to the Italian fit polo shirts. My dad is indeed a man of style. He never fails to impress us whenever he wears his clothes and match it with his nice pair of pants! And speaking about his style, this black denim vest was originally owned by him! Hmm now, let's try something different here, I'll try to dress up like my dad during the 80's with a twist! I hope I can pull that off though! Ready? Retro vibes activated.

Wore my black and white checkered shirt over my black v-neck shirt and layered it with this black denim vest. I paired it with my pants and finished it off with my black boots. If you've noticed, I only used two colors in this outfit. Retro is not only about colorful stuff; it's not only for bright colors. You can still pull off a retro look by wearing the colors black and white. You can't always find or see me wearing white pants but for the reason that my dad loves to wear his white 501 pants, I didn't hesitate to wear my own pair in this look. And for my checkered shirt, checkered has always been a popular print since 80's.

Black denim vest from my dad l Black and white checkered shirt from a bazaar
Black v-neck shirt from Forever21 l White pants from Folded and Hung
Boots from Boby USA  l Rings from my cousin l Necklace and Bracelet DIY

To put a twist in this look, I decided to wear my silver and gold rings. I also wore my DIY silver chain bracelet. Mixing metals in this outfit could really make a huge twist to the retro look you want to get. A little punk and retro = a perfect match (for me)!

As a photographer, my dad used to wear vest. When I saw this black vest hanging in his old cabinet, I hurriedly grabbed it. This oversized slash black slash denim vest is more than 25 years old. So what do you think? Did I pull off the retro with a twist look? Tell me your thoughts.


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