Saturday, December 8, 2012

Vest and Holiday

Remember the video shoot I was blabbing about? The shoot that my fellow Pampanga-based bloggers and I had last sunday at Marquee Mall and at Angeles Sports and Country Club? Ahhhh if not, beter read it again here. I don't want to repeat all the blah blahs I did about it so please bear with me Lol Anyway, allow me to share to you the first outfit that I wore for our shoot. A little playful outfit that you could wear this Holiday Season! So are you ready? Okay let's go and jump over to it!

Wore this outfit during our video shoot in the morning at Marquee Mall. 
I wore my favorite denim vest over my pullover with a hood and paired it with my super favorite mustard chinos. This dark blue pullover matches the color of my denim vest don't you think? They complement with each other. And as for my mustard chinos, I had nothing to worry about this pair since most of my button downs and shirts would match it perfectly. I also decided to carry this Blackberry playbook to let the professional vibe kick in. So what do you think? Did I? Lol a playful Pro huh? LOL

I managed to keep my look simple yet trendy. I didn't wear accessories except for my watch. I can't leave our house without my watch. It has become my staple accessory. I mean,  who in this world wouldn't like to have an accessory with a function right? Lol

Showing you the prints of my hoidie hood hood. If you could notice, these prints scream the Holiday Season! Agree? Haha

Printed Pullover from H&M l Denim vest from Dry Black People are People
Mustard chinos from Bench TM l Shoes from Boby USA
Sunglasses from Ray Ban l Watch from G-Shock

This will also be a nice outfit for Christmas eve don't you think?

 The bottom prints of my pullover

 My buddy when I browse the internet world

 Watch from G-Shock

And of course, I wore my favorite slash overused boots from Boby USA

P.S: Wait for our Promotional Video for our event!


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