Monday, December 3, 2012

Yellow and Jeans

Since I  just finished all my Travel Blog entries in the U.S, I think this would be the perfect time to share to all of you the outfit that I wore for my 16 hour trip. It is for me a very comfortable airport + long trip outfit! So when we had our 3 hour stopover at Incheon Airport in Seoul, Korea. My friends and I decided to have a rest in their lounge area. We were all tired since PH to Korea was 4 hours already and we have to get ready for another 12 hours flight heading to Atlanta, Georgia (and the 7 hours Greyhound ride to Tampa). Oh well! What can I say? It was really a very long trip! Okay, enough of this and let's just move on to my outfit. Lol

 During our stopover, I asked my friend Janette to take some pictures of my outfit. Since we were told to wear yellow shirt, I wore my yellow polo shirt with my blue jeans. This is the most comfortable pair of jeans I have so far. I added my grey coat and this white scarf to keep me company for the cold weather in Seoul! I also wore my green velvet boots to make this look casual. 
We took advantage of the lounge area since there were just few people inside!

 Shirt from Hollister l Coat by Frederick Policarpio l Scarf from a friend
 Jeans from Bench TM l Boots from Clark's l Watch from Reaction by Kenneth Cole Sunglasses from Ray Ban l Eyeglasses from Oakley l Clutch from BDO

 This my own version of "K-Pop" Style! Did I pull it off? Haha I didn't wear any accessories since I knew that I have to remove them before I pass the security. Their airport security is really strict when it comes to that. I wish our airports too!

BDO Travel documents holder (got it last Christmas)

So there you go! This was my view in the plane going to Atlanta! Hello America!!

Remember: Always travel with Style!

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