Monday, January 14, 2013

Camo and Brown

According from the articles I read from different fashion/style sites, 2013 will focus on earth colors though our color of the year will be Emerald green because 2013 is Year of the Snake. Last year, camouflage prints was a huge trend for both gents and ladies; this year this print will still be seen in the fashion world. From iPad cases to coats to sunglasses and to every small details in every mens closet; definitely, camo prints will still make its way this year!

Dressing up for a lazy gloomy day? I can still feel the cool breeze from last month. I wish it will stay forever! Lol! Anyway, wore my brown jacket over my brown shirt and paired it with my blue ripped jeans. I also wore my top sider inspired shoes to complement with my overall look. The highlight of this look? I added my camo printed hanky in my outfit. Used it as a bracelet/armband (I have a serious obsession with hankies that's why sometimes, I make them a bow tie or an armband. Creativity, yes? LOL ). In this outfit, I only focused on three colors; grey, brown and black. Though emerald green will be the color of the year, earth colors will still be in this 2013. Just know how to mix the right colors and stuff, and you're good to go!

Brown leather watch

 Inner brown shirt from Topman l Brown jacket from People are People
Scarf from Baguio City l Camo hanky from Armando Carusso
Watch from E l Shoes from a Thrift shop
Block ring from SM Department Store l Jaguar ring from Folded and Hung
Snake ring and Mask ring from a Bazaar

Keeping it short guys!


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