Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Green and Clark

Green and Clark? Right! There are two reasons with the title. Green because Emerald Green is the Lucky color for the year 2013 (I know, I know, I'm very late to tell you about this)! And Clark because we have a big collaboration with www.clarkisit.com together with my fellow Pampanga's Fashion Bloggers! If you're not yet familiar about it you can read some of my words about the site here. Exciting right? We are also excited to work with them in the future! This is really one of the major collaborations we'll do in the first quarter of the year! 2013 is going to be a great year to all of us! YES! I'M CLAIMING THAT! Haha Anyways, here's a little something I wore during our interview with the clarkisit team!

Since the group decided to wear the color of the year which is emerald (or with a touch of green, at least). I decided to wear this camouflage shirt (which is still in the trend this year) underneath my black jacket and paired it with my raw denim pants. I also wore my green velvet boots to at least complement with the color of my shirt. (reasons for not having enough green stuff! Lol)

Camo shirt from Old Navy l Jacket from Mogao/Much Better
Denim pants from Penshoppe l Boots from Clark's
Necklace from a Bazaar l Bracelet DIY
Watch Reaction by Kenneth Cole

Gun pendant to match with my camo navy army shirt!

Fresh from the war! Lol

Metal rings to match with my metal necklace and bracelet! And yes, my silver watch!

My gun necklace I got from a bazaar!

Silver watch and Cuff bracelet!

To be chosen as one of the groups here in Pampanga to collaborate with clarkisit.com is really an honor to all of us. It is something that we will really be proud of. To be called as the "fashion authority" in our province was really pampering. I or should I say, we (PFB) were very thankful to clarkisit.com for acknowledging and appreciating the hardworks and dedication we make on our blogs. Again, thank you very much clarkisit!

And that's it ya'll! Can't wait to share to all of you the launch of www.clarkisit.com!


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