Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Jeans and Jeans

As I promised, I will post my travel outfits after all my travel entries in Hong Kong. Our short vacation there was awesome! I can't explain the happiness that we felt when we were there. We really had a good time! No hesitations of going back there again! Anyways, if you could still remember my outfit post here, I've mentioned that I wore this jacket and pants already. Yes, I repeat clothes especially if I really feel comfortable to it. There's nothing wrong on repeating your clothes; as long as you know how to put twist on it, you're good to go!
I have always been a huge fan of denim/jeans! Wether it be jacket, shirt, button down or any stuff as long as it's denim/jeans, I'll definitely grab it! When I saw this Maroon Jacket hanging on the rack, I didn't hesitate to buy it! It's very rare to see a denim jacket in a different color.

 Look at the studs I put in my denim shirt and denim jacket!

Maroon Denim Jacket from Mogao/Much Better l Denim shirt from Mogao/Much Better
Gray pants from Aeropostale l Boots from Boby USA
Sunglasses from Ray Ban l Watch from Reaction by Kenneth Cole

You'll never go wrong of wearing this Black Wayfarer from Ray Ban in any of your outfits!

Watch from Reaction by Kenneth Cole

Black boots from Boby USA and my Maroon socks from Forever21
If you've noticed, I matched my socks with my jacket! Lol

The cabs in HK has the same color with my jacket and yes, my socks! LOL


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