Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Polka and Blings

First of all I'd like to greet all of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!.... and cheers for my first post this year! Welcome 2013! So how did you guys spend your New Year? Now, if you'll ask me how I spent mine, it's just the normal way, had dinner with my family at home and watched channels while waiting for the countdown. We're not huge fans of firecrackers. We celebrate the new year for the past 5 years now without any firecrackers. We only make sounds by using a kiddie torotot (horn or trumpet in english). So yeah, since this is supposed to be an outfit post, let's not go further and let's just talk about my outfit during the New Year's Eve. Let's go!

You can always see people wear polka dots especially during New Years. For the Chinese traditions, anything round signifies prosperity. For me (and maybe for the others) this means money. Lol so for my outfit during new year's eve, I wore my blue polka dots shirt! I know it's not a pure polka dots design but that's how I liked it, it has swirls and other designs that made it unique. Wore my blue jacket over my polka shirt to make my look casual and matched it with my black carrot cut pants. 

Jacket from Forever21 l Polka shirt from Simples
Black pants from Penshoppe l Shoes from Doc Martens
Eyeglasses from Korea l Watch from a bazaar

I thank the post Christmas breeze for allowing me to wear this jacket. It has been hanging in my closet for a long time. Lol I wish our weather here in the Philippines will be cooler til February so I can wear all my knitted cardigan and stuff.

Polka dots shirt from Simples in Robinsons Department Store! Go and check it yourself!

My hoodie hood hood! Hip hop yow!

Put yo blings on! Hip hop mode on! Shine bright like a diamond this 2013. Lol

Clear eyeglasses from Korea

And to finish this look, I wore my Doc Martens to put an x factor with my look! X factor? Lol  

Now tell me your thoughts about my outfit. My first outfit post for this year! I will try to post outfits which are related to the events every month. So keep that in mind ya'll and watch out for my post on February which is the love month!  


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