Thursday, January 3, 2013

Travel Photo Diary: Hong Kong

One thing is for sure, I'll be back here! I'll be back in Hong Kong.
It was really fun traveling in Hong Kong especially when you're with your family. Actually, it was our first time to travel all together (except for my sister Tey and her family). My father spent his birthday in this beautiful country. It was really fun to see my family happy during our stay there. Went to The Peak during our first day and took the tram ride. We spent our second day in Hong Kong Disneyland and had some shopping on our last day. It was really tiring but everything was worth it! We stayed at Rosedale Hotel in Causeway Bay. Easy access to all the landmarks in Hong Kong like Times Square. Have fun browsing my pictures!

 If New York has Yellow Cab, in Hong Kong they have red/maroon cabs! 

 One of the best shopping mall in HK!

 Our hotel!

 HK during night

SOGO in Causeway Bay!

 Ready for our Disneyland Adventure!

 The busy SOGO!

 And me! At Avenue of the Stars!

 One of the famous restaurant in Hong Kong!

So, we really enjoyed our tour in Hong Kong! We will go back here again!

P.S: Sorry for the lazy captions. Lol Watch out for my Disneyland post!


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