Saturday, January 19, 2013

Zipper and Black

Since this is a scheduled post, I'm probably in Manila at the moment to send my sister and my brother in law to the airport for their flight going to Sydney. Ahhhh I know it's cliche but I'm going to miss these two! But what can I do right? I just wish them a happy trip and good luck on their journey in Australia. See you guys after a year. So okay, enough of this blahs and let's just talk about my outfit.

 Wore this outfit for a meeting with the Marketing Head of SM City Pampanga. 

 Last friday, together with my fellow bloggers went to SM City Pampanga for a meeting about our collaboration. (I'm too excited to share it to all of you guys, but I'll keep my mouth zipped first. Lol) It's really somethingBIG (all caps, yeah) so please hold on and watch out for it! Wore my black jacket with full of zipper over my pin-striped button down and matched it with my blue jeans. I also wore my black canvas shoes to keep my look casual. A really simple outfit for a corporate-ish meeting! Tell me your thoughts about it.

Jacket from People are People l Buttondown by Frederick Policarpio
Jeans from Penshoppe l Shoes from Superga
Watch from G-Shock l Sunglasses from Ray Ban
Ring from SM Department Store

 This jacket reminds me of my favorite rockstar!

 Take a closer look of the zipper

 Metalistic it is! I like the design of this jacket.

 Sometimes, change is good especially if you will CHANGE for the better.
If you've noticed, I didn't wear a lot of accessories since I wanted to dress up maturely because I will attend a meeting. Actually, I wasn't able to wear this jacket because I forgot it inside the car. I was in a hurry because I thought I would be late in our meeting.

 Block ring only from SM Department store

Casual sling bag from Coach

Aviator sunglasses from Ray Ban

Say hello to my black Superga shoes!


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