Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Football and Shirt

Did you guys watch the Super Bowl 47? If not, ahhh you probably missed half your life this year! Lol Woke up yesterday because I heard my Dad's voice cheering for his favorite team and I just decided to sit and join him in watching. We were also able to watch the 'trending performance' of Beyonce during the half time break! Dang man, it was superb! It was really extraordinary! She is a total entertainer! Agree? Have an idea yet why I'm blabbing about the Super Bowl? It's because, I was inspired to wear an outfit with a little hint of the said event! So let's move on and talk about it.

Yesterday, I posted a picture on instagram with all my SB47 inspired stuff. Grabbed all my 'sporty' looking stuff after watching the game! I was inspired to wear my white and red shirt and matched it with my black pants to keep my look casual. I added my white cap and my 'grill' sunnies to make my look interesting. I also wore my black boots to give a little statement in my overall look. I could say that this is one of my favorite outfit; a little relaxed and comfortable yet trendy and clean look. Black, white and red are perfect color combinations don't you agree? They are perfect with each other! Basic colors are always at their best! They never fail to make me wow and aww.

Shirt from Basic Edition l Pants from Penshoppe
Cap from Lacoste l Boots from Boby
Cardigan from Bangkok l Sunglasses from a Bazaar
Watch from Timex x Ironman l Bracelets from Boracay
Spike ring from Greenhills l Rings from SM Department Store

Shirt inspired by Sam of Glee

Simple details of my shirt

This would probably my second or third attempt on wearing a shirt without my jacket on. If you've read and seen my previous posts, you can say that I always layer my shirt/buttondown with my jacket. Yes I really like to layer especially if the weather permits but this time I decided to hold my cardigan instead of wearing it in this set of pictures (a little experimenting stuff huh).

My 'grilled' sunnies to make my look interesting.

What do you think? This could be the net in the football field huh? LMAO

 White and clean 'football' cap.

Side view

If you've noticed, I didn't wear any necklace since I have enough rings to show in this look. I really like to keep things clean and interesting at the same time. Just don't forget to to add some 'weird' stuff in your look and you will definitely look awesome. 

Bizarre rings from SM Department Store

 Spiked connector  ring and triathlon watch.

 Timex x Ironman watch I got from Ellenton Outlet Mall in Florida.

Beads you said? Hmm

 Hope, Soar and Peace bracelets I got from Boracay during our short vacation in the beautiful island.

 These accessories can make your look even more interesting.

Enjoy my jeje pictures! LOL


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