Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Project KG | KGWP: Live and Black

What's up Tuesday! It's time for some rock and roll! For the second installment of my KGWP, I decided to check my father's closet to find some cool stuff that I could wear and luckily, I found this nice black shirt hanging in his closet! I liked the design of it immediately and didn't hesitate to wear it. A perfect top for my rock and roll vibe today! LOL A trying hard Rockstar! Put your hands up in the air! Everybody, hands up in the air and say ahhhhh! Rock and roll ya'll!

For my so called 'rocker' inspired look, I wore this black shirt with a bold print in front and paired it with my pure black pants. I also wore my black leather shoes to let the rocker vibe kick in. Added my black rocker accessories to make this look even interesting. I only focused on two colors in this outfit, mainly black and partly blue to put a little twist in my overall look. Black and Blue combo! Not bad at all, yes? ...or maybe a little playful rocker? Playful rocker huh? Isn't I'm a rockstar?! Ahhhhh lol

L!ve shirt from Lacoste l Pants from Penshoppe
Shoes from Superga l Sunglasses from Korea
Watch from a Bazaar l Bracelets from SM Department Store
Socks from Forever 21 Men l Silver chain DIY

Lacoste's signature logo. Another shirt that you can wear without a necklace because of its bold and nice design!

Rock and roll accessories, yes? Black, silver and a hint of blue!

Blue clubmaster inspired sunnies

L!ve shirt I got from my Dad's closet! My dad is a huge fan of this brand..... And I think he can make me like this brand! Haha What are you waiting for? Check your dad's closet for some good finds!

 DIY metal chain

Black leather shoes with my blue socks

Tell me your thoughts about my Rocker Tuesday look.
Watch out for my Wednesday post tomorrow! 


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