Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Project KG | KGWP: Mustard and Hair

For my third installment of Project KG, I was inspired to dress up like most people do whenever they go to a mall and see a movie. When you watch a movie, especially during ordinary days, you really want to dress up on your simplest and most comfortable outfit, right? A good tee and pants would be nice but, if you want to look fashionable, don't forget to add your accessories to give statement on your look. Are you still clueless? Let's go and talk about this kind of style!

You know how much I love NY, right? I can imagine myself living in this beautiful state. When I saw this shirt hanging on the rack in Times Square, I immediately bought it. Let's say, I really liked the design and the color of it. Ugh anyways, about this outfit, I just wore my yellow mustard shirt and paired it with my grey pants to balance the bright color of my shirt. I added my grey cap and black shoes to make this a casual ready look. I also wore my huge eye glasses to put an accent on my overall look. This simple shirt could turn to a striking fashion statement when paired with the right pieces. Now, I'm ready for some pop corns and a good movie!

Shirt from Forever 21 Men l Pants from Bench TM
Cap from Baguio City PH l Bracelets from Boracay 
Shoes from Doc Martens l Eyeglasses from Korea
Watch from U-Boat l Nato strap from Asprey
Spiked ring from Greenhills l Blue socks from Forever 21 Men
Chariol inspired ring from a friend

Good Fellas shirt I got from Forever 21 in Times Square. If you've noticed, I didn't wear a necklace since my shirt has a nice design printed on it.

Imagine that this spiked ring is a comb. LOL

Yellow and Green bracelets from Boracay

Black and White strap with a huge silver watch

I really miss NY. Everytime I watch a movie and their settings is in NY, I can't help myself but reminisce all the good memories I had there. Wishing to go back there!

Cap from Baguio City

Nerdy huge eye glasses!

What is your favorite movie so far? Don't forget to drop by SM City Pampanga to watch new movies! Ask your family, your friends or your special someone for a movie date! Watch out for my Thursday post!


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