Saturday, February 16, 2013

Project KG: Brown and Patron

What's not to love about Saturdays? It's a special day to spend with your loved ones! A cool way to catch up with your brothers and sisters. What about going to a park for some picnic or get in the car for some exciting road trip? Sounds cool, isn't? I'm sure that you guys will have some random stuff to do this weekend, so without further adieu for my second to the last installment of my KGWP, here's an outfit that you could wear for a spontaneous road trip or random picnic with your loved ones!

I just wore my cream shirt and paired it with my black pants. I also wore my brown bulldog shoes to make this look interesting (and to make me look tall. haha) I added my brown checkered fedora to complement with my shoes. I injected some gold stuff like my watch and rings to match with the color scheme of my overall look.

Shirt from Fresh by People are People l Pants from Penshoppe
Hat from Baguio City l Bull dog shoes from Moonwalker
Watch from Seiko l Beads bracelets from Boracay
Socks from Forever21 Men l Sunglasses from a bazaar

What about some real Patron tequila drink!? Oh I miss Tampa!!

Watch I got from my Dad! This is a real vintage watch from Saudi!

Rings? Yes! A jaguar, a mask and a skull king ring!

Bracelets from Boracay

Hat I got from Baguio during our tour in the beautiful city!

Black sunglasses

My brown bull dog shoes with my maroon socks!

So what are you waiting for? Shake off and enjoy your Saturday! Don't just stay in your bed and wait for the day to pass by! Do something productive and enjoy the rest of your day!

Watch out for my last post of KGWP tomorrow!


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