Friday, February 15, 2013

Project KG | KGWP: Anchors and Chill

Thank God It's Friday! Thank God and I'm already on my Fifth installment of my Project KG: KGWP! It is time for some chill vibes and relaxation stuff. I know that everyone is waiting for this day to come especially for those who worked the whole week and for those students who had their classes. This is the right day (for me) to treat yourself something special after all the things happened from the past days, (may it be good or bad) you deserve it anyway! Hmm, since we're talking about this stuff, here's a little something I wore today. A little chill yet trendy look.

Since I wanted to let the chill yet trendy look kick in, I just wore my shirt and paired it with my washed out jeans. Since summer is just around the corner, I thought that this shirt would be a nice piece for my chill look. I added my cap which has a summer design printed on it to coordinate with my shirt which has a huge SURF printed on it too. To make this look an interesting one, I wore my navy blue canvas shoes with my nice printed socks! Anchors? Yes!

Shirt from Forever 21 Men l Pants from Folded and Hung
Shoes from Mossimo l Eyeglasses from Korea
Watch from Nike l Cap from Penshoppe
Black band from Fudgerock l Pringles band from Pringles
Braceletes from Boracay l Socks from a friend

This would probably the best shirt to wear whenever you want to chill and get some relaxation for yourself.

Time for some clear frame eyeglasses

This is a nice outfit to wear on your chill time and some 'me time' day, don't you think?

Bracelets souvenir I got from Bora

Sports watch? Hello to my Seven years watch!

Cap from Penshoppe!

Shoes from Mossimo with my cool socks from a friend!

How did you guys like my Friday outfit? I hope you learned something in this post!
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Watch out for my Saturday post tomorrow!


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