Sunday, February 17, 2013

Project KG | KGWP: Vintage and Boxing

Welcome to my last post for my Project KG: KGWP. It has been a nice whole week full of shirt. I know, you guys are getting bored already with all my looks which has the same styling and stuff but to tell you the truth, the main purpose of this whole project is to encourage everyone to dress up even just for an ordinary day. I mean, even if there's no event to attend, or let's say, you'll just go and make some errands; you can still look presentable with all your basic stuff, right? I hope you understand the whole point of this stuff. It is kinda difficult to think of an outfit every single day but yeah, this stuff makes me eager to blog everyday. Anyways, for my last installment of this whole week project, here's a little something I wore this Sunday!

Wore my shirt and matched it with my denim pants.  I also wore my brown boots to make this look casual. I added my gold watch and my sunglasses with a hint of gold to complement with the metallic letters printed on my shirt. This look is perfect for a Sunday outing with your whole family! I am now good to go to get some nice foods! 

Shirt from Portside l Jeans from Penshoppe
Watch from Armitron l Cap from a friend
Boots from K-Bond People are People l Sunglasses from Korea
Mood rings from a bazaar l Gold spiked ring from Greenhills
Silver rings from SM Department Store l Socks from Forever 21 Men

Shirt from Portside. I knew that this shirt should be mine when I saw it few months back. It is such a nice shirt with some metallic stuff printed on it and the fact that it is about boxing. Frustrated sports analyst, yeah!

Net cap? Yes, for a change. LOL

My Vintage sunnies with a gold design

I really like sunglasse, may they be branded or not as long as I like the design and it would fit me, I'll definitely buy it!

One of my favorite jeans I have in my closet! Thanks to my cousin for giving me this nice pair!

What about punching you with these? Lol I kid, I kid! xx

Vintage watch from Dad

My travel boots with my grey socks!

It wasn't easy blabbing about the outfits. There were times that I thought I was just blabbing the same stuff from my previous posts but thank God, I was able to continue it til this last day of the week. You think your shirt are way too boring? Oh snap, you're wrong! Just know how to accessorize it then everything will look nice! 

So there you have it guys! I hope you learned something from this whole project!
Watch out for my next Project on April! Have a good Sunday!


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