Friday, February 1, 2013

Solo and Nautical + Tips for the right coat on your prom

So it's already February! It seems like it was just yesterday when we said hello to 2013 and now we're already in the second month of the year! Ahhh how time flies really fast! Well I hope you guys had a blast on the first month of the year because surely, I did! Hehe  Two weeks to go or exactly 14 days to go, hearts day will be celebrated all over the world! Promenades will also be the talk of the town this month! Ahhh February is really the love month huh? Do you have your date already? Well if you would ask me, I will have a date with my family or maybe with my friends! Lol serious dating is not on my top priorities yet. Anyways, If you guys (i'm referring to all those who are 'single and loveless' haha) have plans this coming Valentines, this would be the right outfit to wear on that day!  A serious blue valentines with a little pop of red twist!

Wore my nautical design cardigan over my blue v neck shirt and paired it with my black pants. The highlight of this look? My hidden red socks (which define the color of VALENTINES! Yes All caps to emphasize it! Hahaha) Finished it off with my black bulky shoes! Also wore my red-ish sunglasses to complement with my hidden red socks! Hmm what do you think?

Nautical cardigan from Solo c/o SM City Pampanga l Blue shirt from Forever21 Men
Pants from Penshoppe l Shoes from Doc Martens
Socks from Forever21 Men l Watch from G-Shock
Sunglasses from Folded and Hung l Bracelets from Boracay

Blue for valentines, yes? The color red will be everywhere this month especially on the 14th, but the color Blue will be my choice of color in this month. (Lusot ng mga walang lovelife! Lol

Details of my nautical inspired cardigan from Solo c/o SM City Pampanga!

Like what I've said from my post here, I will try to post outfit shots which are related to the events or special occasions every month for this year. Here I am, posting an outfit for the love month --February! An outfit that is perfect for a group date or maybe for a movie date!

This set of pictures are my favorite at the moment! And if you're wondering why I uploaded a lot of photos in this post, I took advantage of the nice scenery from my grade school Alma Mater --Holy Rosary Academy. 

Vintage sunglasses I got! Hello to my six years old sunnies!

My favorite shoes with my valentine colored socks! Haha

Always remember that the month of February or Valentines to be specific is not only for couples, it is for everyone! It is an occasion that everyone can celebrate with or without a serious partner! So what are you waiting for? Ask your 'single friends' for a group date and enjoy the day!

And since Promenades will be everywhere this month, here are some of my top picks for the right coat on your prom! Happy browsing!

1. Cream colored suit. If you wanna be unique on your prom and tired of seeing black suits. This color would be perfect for you to stand out on that day!

2. Black suit and a greyish/blueish neck tie. A little corporate-ish look would also be a nice idea. Keep it clean and you're good to go!

 3. Classic black. What about a pure black outfit? Black will always give you the elegance and the dapper stylish look!

 4. Midnight blue suit. A pinstriped suit will give you the casual yet trendy looking guy! This complete set of suit will really make you look grand!

 5. Grey/Silver/Brownish suit. This suit will make you effortlessly look like a King! and oh, don't forget those nice pair of brown shoes! 

And there you go guys! I hope you learned something in this post! Don't forget to look good and feel good on your prom. Til next time!


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