Saturday, March 9, 2013

Boho and Jeans

Hello there! I am very sorry if I broke my promise to post my second outfit in our TV Feature interview the next day after I posted my first outfit. Was really busy the past few days but good thing, I'm back and seriously, I have a lot of pending posts, from outfits to travel and some events to watch out this coming season! Anyways, here's the second outfit I wore in our interview. A boho inspired outfit that turned out to be a Indie artist outfit. Lol Just keep reading and tell me guys your thoughts! I would be happy to hear them!

It's really crazy and delicate to wear printed outfits especially for guys. You'll get a lot of odd and long stares. What can we do? That is fashion right? We cannot please anybody anyway. So as long as you know how to carry it with style, then nothing really matters anymore. It's just you and your own world of style. On this outfit, I wore my printed shirt over my denim vest and paired it with my black pants. Yes, I didn't change my pants since I knew that It will consume a lot of time and effort and I didn't want the staff and the hosts to wait for me. I chose this black pants since I can match it with any style, design and color of my outfits! Oh, did I forget to include my footwear? My cousin told me that I look like an action star from an indie movie! Hella random, yes? Haha

Shirt from Laces and Straps l Vest from Dry Black by People are People
Pants from Penshoppe l Shoes from Doc martens
Bracelets from Boracay l Watch from G-Shock

I actually got this shirt and my shirt from my first outfit post here from Laces and Straps 2 days before our interview. I wasn't supposed to wear these nice printed shirts until I ran out of idea on what to wear. And these shirts popped on my mind and grabbed them immediately. Good thing I bought them!

The secret pocket of my shirt

To put a twist in my overused watch, wore it with my bracelets I bought from my vacation in Boracay. 

Yellow and Green bracelets from Boracay

Finished of my look with these two rings! If you could still remember my post here, I wore a lot of rings. So to break the similarity of style, I decided to minimize my rings.


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  1. Woah! Stylish! Loved the t-shirt. It looks really cool and 'hep'. I have a passion for t-shirt printing and I get mine printed from Artik, the promotional products selling company in Toronto. They are awesome. Btw the rings are dangerously attractive.


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