Friday, March 1, 2013

Quirky-men and Glasses + tips for the right trendy knot on your graduation day!

Hello March! I know all the graduating students can't wait to graduate this year; and I think all the students are waiting for the summer break to come. Well, when I was in college, I was really determined to graduate to get my degree and to make my parents proud. Last April of 2012, I wasn't able to join my fellow graduates during the Ceremony since I was in Florida USA for my SWAT. I was sad but at the same time very happy. So yes, to all the graduating students this year, Congratulations and good luck to your future career! x
On this post, I decided to wear this navy blue buttondown and paired it with my black pants. I also wore my brown boots to balance all the colors in this look. Added this eyeglasses to let the 'yuppy' vibe kick in. You could probably wear this outfit on your graduation day. A little casual yet trendy look (if your professors aren't strict about the attire. lol). Sometimes, I feel like dressing up in this kind of look, I think this is the right outfit for my age. Hehe what do you think?

Buttondown from Old navy l Pnats from Penshoppe
Eyeglasses from SM Department Store l Boots from K-Bond by People are People
Watch from Armitron l Bracelets from Quirkymen by Quirkypedia

Trivia about this buttondown, I actually got it from the Kids section. Lol

Details and logo of my buttondown

For the eyeglasses, if you think that your face is big and looks like a bun, this eyeglasses would be the right one for you! It will make you look thin with its wide frame. 

What made this outfit interesting? The arm party set of bracelets from Quriky-men by Quirkypedia! Yes, arm party is not just for the ladies but also for the gents! It took me ages to blog about this because I was waiting for the right outfit and stuff and time and yeah!!! I'm very very happy and thankful to be one of the Ambassadors of this online shop owned by my fellow PFB Khai Nunag.

Quirkypedia used to be an exclusive brand for women. They started this business way back 2009 before the growth of all the online shops we can see everywhere today. They are really one of the pioneers. This year, they decided to make their market even wider, they decided to make designs for guys, too and called it Quirky-men. So for all the guys out there, check out Quirkypedia on Facebook and Instagram! They have a lot of designs in store to all of you!

The colors complemented with each other nicely, agree?

Since this is my first post for this month, here's a tip for the right tie on your big day or graduation day!

The whole idea of this is not actually mine, I actually found this on Youtube and tried it myself. If you guys are tired of the basic and ordinary knot on your neck ties, this would be the right style for you! This is my version of the Trinity Knot! This is the simplest and easiest knot to do. Trendy? Check! Hehe

What can you say about my output? :) 

Here are the tutorials from Youtube!

Trinity Knot

Eltridge Knot

Cape Knot

So there you go. I hope you learned somthing from this post!


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