Thursday, June 27, 2013

Heads up, Cabalen!

PAMPANGA, get ready for COCINA CENTRALE-the MERCATO CENTRALE of Central Luzon starting June 29 (Sat)! At Ayala's Marquee Mall every Fri/Sat 4pm-3am, where the flavors of Pampanga meet the flavors of Manila! For inquiries, text 09178401152 or email We're looking for Manila, Pampanga & Central Luzon food entrepreneurs, amateurs & professionals are welcome!

2 days before the MERCATO CENTRALE EXPERIENCE comes to MARQUEE MALL! COCINA CENTRALE - The premier night food market of Central Luzon, every Friday and Saturday 4pm-3am. Join us for the GRAND OPENING on June 29 (Saturday)!

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Bunny and Einstein

Two world's famous icons! Playboy and Einstein. Different on their own field but hey, they can be a good match in creating fashion statement. Trust me, all you have to do is to let their famous logo and trademark/photo do the talking!

Plain, just like that! Wore my jacket over my black printed shirt and paired it with my black pants! A little laid back yet trendy outfit that you can wear either in your campus or for a walk in the mall with your fiends! When I thought of combining these two (Bunny and Einstein) a funny thought popped in my head! Well, everyone knows that Einstein is a genius, who happened to be the developer of E = MC2 and when I always hear MC2, Mariah Carey pops in my head, too! Mariah Carey was once a cover girl of Playboy magazine and no doubt, she could also be one of the sexy models of this famous name (Playboy) right?

Shirt from Fresh by People are People l Jacket from Mogao
Pants from Penshoppe l Boots from Clark's
Sunglasses from Ray Ban l Cap from Mogao

Einstein and I has the same sunnies. Lol

Effortless street style fashion by Playboy and Einstein!

The famous Playboy logo.

The design of my jacket. This jacket was designed really nice and delicate.

Other styling you can do in this outfit! Combining these two wasn't a bad idea at all, yes? Hehe


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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sunnies and Layer

Hot one day, rainy/gloomy the next! Here's a post on how to dress up during rainy season/gloomy day! An easy to wear outfit for an effortless street style fashion!

Wore my shirt underneath my brown light jacket and finished it off with my denim vest. During this season, dark colored bottoms will also be a hit cause they are really safe to be worn outside. Do not wear light colored pants since earthy matter will be everywhere in the streets! You don't want to look like you poop in your pants, right? LOL

Shirt from Top 40 l Jacket from Bangkok
Denim vest from People are People l Socks from Topman
Watch from Reaction by Kenneth Cole

Layer time!

KG in action!

 Sunnies during rainy season? Why not as long as you know how to wear it with style! :)

 Jackets with hoodie will surely be in the trend this season!


 Always be in style and at the same time ready for the rain! Keep safe ya'll!


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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Nuts and Varsity

Weather was really unpredictable these past few days! Sunny in the morning and rainy during the afternoon! Bipolar weather, don't you think? Hehe Got the chance to wear my varsity jacket for a walk in the park with my cousin! Ate a lot of street foods (took advantage since my mum wasn't around)! Talked about food, fashion and family after! It was really nice catching up with her!

On this outfit, I wore my varsity jacket over my plain shirt and matched it with my black pants! Also wore my new boots from my Aunt in Frisco. Added my rusty nuts necklace to give some "swag" in my overall look! Hmm did I give justice to the "swag" look? Tell me!! Did I?!! LOL

 Jacket from Penshoppe l Shirt from Beautology
Pants from Penshoppe l Shoes from Jordan
Beanie from Baguio City l Sunglasses from Ray Ban
Necklace from Specimen

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 Sporty watch to match with my jacket!

 Photos by my cousin, Vanessa! Thanks cous!

 Items such as these will never fail to give you an awesome look! Get your Rusty nuts necklace at Specimen and this Aviator from Ray Ban in SM Pampanga!

 Brown beanie from Baguio City!

  This shirt was from my co-blogger Elle. You can get this shirt from their shop. Just visit @BeautologyPH on Instagram! They have a lot of cool stuff for everyone from Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan! They also sell brand new gadgets and beauty products which made them a general merchandise store! They will open their store next month in Angeles City.

 Jordan shoes!

How was your day so far? Enjoy the rest of your week ya'll!



Monday, June 10, 2013

Basic and Classic

When basic meets classic! This may sound cliche but basic tees with nice designs will never go out of style. They will surely give you the style you want to show off. Also a perfect outfit during sunny days!

As a style "blogger", I always find time to dress properly (I mean, who doesn't, right?) and during sunny days, I always want to look trendy and not sacrificing my comfort. Ya'll know what I mean? Ayokong pawisan ng sobra basta lang may maiporma! LOL Ahhh knowing that the weather here in the PH is really really insane. In my outfit,I just wore this UT tee and paired it with my black pants. This classic pants can be matched with any color, now that's the power of this basic color; my favorite color. Hehe 

Shirt from Uniqlo l Pants from Bench TM
Boots from Jump l Cap from Bench
Socks from Uniqlo l Sunglasses from The SM Store

 The Coca-Cola UT T shirts are part of Uniqlo's ongoing collaborations with iconic brands. The Coca-Cola shirts feature designs inspired by the famous beverage, invested in Atlanta, Georgia USA in 1886, that became the symbol of happiness and optimism worldwide.

Have a good day from Coke and Uniqlo!

All stuff mentioned above courtesy of SM City Pampanga!

Leatherette cap from Bench

Round sunnies from SM Store

Socks from Uniqlo! visit their store now at SM City Pampanga! Cool and nice stuff they have in store!


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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

School and Cool

Too school for cool? Ahhh, summer is over. I know most of the students are excited to go back to school this month. I could still remember when I still need to attend attend school, during the first week of the academic year, my friends I don't wear our uniform. We always tell our professors, that our uniforms are still with our tailors. Lol A white lie just to wear civilian clothes inside the campus. Anyways, for all the students this coming Academic Year, good luck and enjoy in the first day up to the last day in school!

Here's something that you could wear on your first day in school. First day of school is the time where you can meet new friends and new professors. This is also the right time to make good impressions. Always look approachable and friendly. And don't forget to dress up properly! On this look, I just wore my button down over my shirt and matched it with my blue jeans. Too school for school, huh? Lol

Button down from People are People l Shirt from People are People
Sling bag from Coach l Sunglasses from Ray Ban
Boots from K - Bond People are People

Iron man watch form Timex and bracelets from Specimen and Male box

Carry all sling bag

Do not forget to smile on your first day! Be approachable enough to gain more friends!

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Good luck again to everyone and may all your goals and dreams in life come in to reality!


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