Monday, June 24, 2013

Bunny and Einstein

Two world's famous icons! Playboy and Einstein. Different on their own field but hey, they can be a good match in creating fashion statement. Trust me, all you have to do is to let their famous logo and trademark/photo do the talking!

Plain, just like that! Wore my jacket over my black printed shirt and paired it with my black pants! A little laid back yet trendy outfit that you can wear either in your campus or for a walk in the mall with your fiends! When I thought of combining these two (Bunny and Einstein) a funny thought popped in my head! Well, everyone knows that Einstein is a genius, who happened to be the developer of E = MC2 and when I always hear MC2, Mariah Carey pops in my head, too! Mariah Carey was once a cover girl of Playboy magazine and no doubt, she could also be one of the sexy models of this famous name (Playboy) right?

Shirt from Fresh by People are People l Jacket from Mogao
Pants from Penshoppe l Boots from Clark's
Sunglasses from Ray Ban l Cap from Mogao

Einstein and I has the same sunnies. Lol

Effortless street style fashion by Playboy and Einstein!

The famous Playboy logo.

The design of my jacket. This jacket was designed really nice and delicate.

Other styling you can do in this outfit! Combining these two wasn't a bad idea at all, yes? Hehe


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