Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Cocina Centrale

Last June 29, I along with my fellow bloggers were invited to the grand opening of Cocina Centrale! This event was held in Marquee Mall at exactly 6PM. We were really privilegedand honored to be invited by the Mercato Centrale Group. The day was full of mouthwatering local and metro's famous dishes, from the ihaw-ihaw of Luring's up to the the delicious Cheese Steak Shop of Manila! It was indeed a successful event though after the ribbon cutting, heavy rain took over for about an hour! A good omen for the launch, yes? Yes! Blessings from above. :)

Anyways, without further adieu, enjoy the photos I took during the grand opening!

The registration for the media! Pampanga Fashion Bloggers reprezent! Lol

Hello MQ!

Make happy happen from Enervon!

The ribbon cutting!


Finally saw the man behind! Go check his blog now! Such an adorable and down to earth person that blogs about foods!

The long line at The Cheese Steak mobile!

This made my night! Lol

Grilled patties look very sumptuous!!

Very accomodating and fun staff of Carlo's Kitchen!

This is their "addicting" crunchy belly! Tastes like my favorite chicharon! 

Now who said sisig is only cooked by pork? If you're a health buff, you can try their different sisig at Chef Bab's! They have sisig made out of tofu and more!

The foot traffic at the event!

Looks delish right? The original and classic Luring's was also in the event!

My favorite kwek-kwek!

The long line at FCJ pizza!

Take home pizza's?I wonder if you could still take home a box if you could eat it in the park with your friends!

Now time for some desert! french crepes was also there to satisfy your cravings for some delish crepes!

The french chef for french crepes!

Khai and Andiee!


Now, Cabalens and nearby provinces will no longer take a long drive every weekend for the Night food market! Cocina Centrale will be open every Friday and Saturday from 4PM to 3AM! Acoustic bands will also be there to party for the foodies of Pampanga!

Here's the complete list of the participating stalls!


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